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Friday, November 09, 2007


I'm sitting here in tears and so effing mad. I could seriously go to my doctor's office right now and belt that useless tit of a doctor.

I have been working on a paper for my English course. The assignment was to pick ANY topic and write a research paper on it. So, I picked PCOS. I knew the basics - the symptoms and treatment. At least, what I was told by my doctor. Treatment to my doctor was birth control or nothing. After all the research I have done, I now know that there are so many options out there.

A couple of years ago, when I was working at Pennington's, I was told by a customer that her doctor put her on metformin, a drug that treats diabetes and insulin resistance. Well, one of the symptoms of PCOS is insulin resistance. Why the hell wasn't I on it? Excessive insulin increases testosterone production, which cause lovely symptoms like hirsutism (excessive hair growth - in all the wrong places!) and acne. Metformin has been PROVEN to help all of those symptoms and a few more!!! But quite literally, when I approached my doctor, she told that metformin would do absolutely nothing for me.

I've since found a plethora of drugs like metformin, spironolactone that not only treat all those crappy symptoms of PCOS, but actually increase fertility! They can get ovulation started again, without the threat of multiple births, which is the case with Clomid and gonadotropin shots.

The one thing that is curently scaring the crap out of me is the lack of periods. Yes, not having a period is good. As long as you aren't producing endometrial lining every month. If you're on the pill, you don't produce the lining and all is good. However, if you are producing endometrium and you aren't shedding it every month ... it leads to thickening of the lining. Which ultimately leads to endometrial cancer.

So, for five fucking years, I have not had a period. The lining is just thickening, increasing my chances for cancer. Just typing it out makes me want to go beat the shit out of Dr. Tingley right now. Because of my ignorance and her do-nothing attitude, my health has gotten out of control.

Well, as of 9AM Tuesday, that's going to change. I am going to make it clear to her that she needs to be more on the ball or refer me to someone who is. I am no longer a frightened teen or young twenty-something, trying to insist that something is wrong. I am 33 years old and I am taking control of my health. God help that bitch. She's going to need it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Was It Momma or Auntie?

I almost fell over laughing a few minutes ago when I was changing Lauren's diaper.

I take her diaper off and Lauren says: I have a boo-boooooo!

Me: Where do you have a boo-boo?

Lauren: On my girly bits!

No word of a freakin lie! LOL! Even now, it makes me chuckle.

So I wonder who taught her that colourful phrase?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

What A Weekend!

Edited Monday 12:02: Added some pictures to the end.

Ok, I have to start with this: Who has the best friends in the world?

Well, that would be ME!

Friday night was the "big night" - makeup at Avalon, then dinner at Jives. The makeup was great ... lots of tips that I know will help. I just let 'my girl' do whatever she wanted. I was fine with that. I don't have enough makeup knowledge to pick out colours without help. I think she did a great job. Poor Jen got stuck with me again. One of these times, seh will get to go with the "cool people." LOL! I spent WAY to much on makeup ... I am going to have to use it religiously now. And on to the restaurant we go, afterward. For a HUGE surprise! I was VERY surprised ... I never once suspected. Thank you all sooo much! I have to say that I was kind of in shock most of the time. It really hit me when I got home and talked to Anita on the phone. You are all such good friends and you made my birthday wonderful. Not only that ... you all made that day(Nov 2nd), a day that is normally very sad, a lot brighter. And I still can't believe you guys got me a Cuttlebug!! I'm looking right at it now, I still can't wrap my head around the idea! And the cake ... you know I love that cake ... your Mom rocks, Nick! Thank you soooo much!

Now Saturday, I had reserved for research on a paper I am doing. Well, I have didn't get to the library .. but I did get a lot done just by e-Research. Which is great, because early in the afternoon, I got a call from my friend Sue Peters out of the blue, about going to see a movie. We went to the late matinee ... to see Rendition. It was a powerful movie; slow-going in a few spots, but well worth the 2+ hours. Afterwards, I went to my sister's for dinner(homemade Chinese), then came home. Where I prepared for a power outage. Cuz I knew it was going to happen. The power went out three times, but came back on within a minute. The fourth time, we weren't so lucky. It was gone; it came back on at 4 in the morning. Nothing wakes you up faster than all the bells and whistles your appliances make when the power returns ... or it could have been the bedside light shinning directly into my eyes.

I was up at 6:30AM ... (thank goodness for the time change) ... and off Mum and I went. To Augusta. To shop at the Christmas Tree Shop. Yes, we drove 4 hours each way just to shop at the Christmas Tree Shop. Got lots of great stuff! A few things for my Secret Santa. Lots of serving dishes for Christmas, as well as paper plates, cups and napkins for the party. We were there for an hour total. We have that store down to a science! Then we got back on the road and stopped in Bangor for lunch at the Olive Garden and a little shopping at the Mall. Olive Garden ... I had the Stuffed Chicken Florentine. OMG! It was magnificent! I would sooo get it again. Highly, highly recommend it. Got to go shopping at Lane Bryant again ... woohoo! Bought some cute little hipster panties and a couple of shirts ... I could have done so much damage in there if I had the $$$. The border coming back was insane! Two lanes, 20-30 cars long each! And they were stopping as many people as possible. Word to the wise ... be prepared to spend at least 30 minutes at the border when you come back.

Oh, oh ... while we were at Rendition, they had a preview for Enchanted ... I can't WAIT for this movie ... it looks too funny ... and of course, it has McDreamy in it. Yummy!

And I guess that's it!
Only $4.99!
Platter, three bowl tray and serving bowl each $6.99! Couldn't pass them up!
Cute, huh? $4.99 for each set of three. Also came in a red bowl w/red peppermint candies (like the green) and a blue bowl w/ snowflakes at the top.
Love'em! Only $4.99 for the set!