My little buddy

Thursday, October 25, 2007

So Far

There have been moments this week that I would have loved to blog, but I just didn't have time. Between busy kids, decorating, errands, and all my shows, I haven't had much time for the computer.

I won't recount the whole weekend at Scrap Camp, but I will make a few observations.
  • Sarah and Melanie are crazy. 'Nuff said.
  • Hotel showers suck, specially when most of the hot water has been used.
  • Phat Photography WAS NOT at Scrap Camp.
  • No one should leave a camera unattended at Scrap Camp.
  • Tracy Spencer's LOs look even better in person.
  • Tracy Spencer rocks ... I wish she was my Secret Santa. (No offense to my SS)
  • Unfortunately, no matter how old and mature we become, most women act like high school girls when in large groups.
  • Needing sleep sucks!
  • Susan knows how to make a crop memorable! Hell, she knows how to make any event memorable, eh Mel?
  • I didn't get any pictures of any of us as a group ... most of my pictures were TS layouts.
  • I finally did a LO that I have been planning and thinking of for more than a year. It was very personal and very satisfying to finally have it done.
  • Whisky Sours actually taste good. So do Blowjobs.
  • Putting one carrot and some chicken flakes in broth does not make it chicken vegetable soup ... it's still broth!
So that was Scrap Camp .... I came home and pretty much sat on the couch in a stupor all afternoon. I watched Brothers & Sisters and went to bed at 9 pm ... and slept the whole night through ... and pretty much the same every night since. It's taken me this long to recover!

This week has been decorating, decorating, and yet more decorating. I didn't realize how much Halloween stuff I had until I pulled out all 8 boxes. Two of which are large moving boxes. And that doesn't include the items that aren't boxed, like the tombstones and large lighted sculptures. I keep thinking about the party and wondering if the kids will have enough to do ... basically there are no crafts and only one activity. Might be a quick party!

Last week, I had to place an order over the phone for my mother's boyfriend. He wanted a silencer for his four-wheeler .... the company he was ordering from was in Arkansas. So shipping was $30.00. Pretty good, huh? Unfortunately, I neglected to ask who the shipper was ... cuz had I known it was UPS, I would have arranged for it to be USPS. For those of you who don't know, UPS doesn't have courier service here ... at least, not the brown truck variety. They contract out to Sameday. Welll, the Sameday guy showed up this afternoon with the parcel ... and on it was the acronym C.O.D. Ummm... wtf? Oh yeah .... forgot ... the reason NEVER to ship over the border with UPS is the brokerage. Yup, $63 of brokerage and duty and taxes. USPS/Canada Post don't charge such exhorbitant brokerage fees. Needless to say, I didn't accept it. It's now at the warehouse until I pay and pick it up. The reason? If I accepted it and my mother's boyfriend decided he didn't want it, we'd be screwed for shipping and brokerage. This way, we can always send it back and get a full refund. Of course, I can always wait til next week when my sister goes back to work and she can do some "adjustments". We'll see.

Shows ... did anybody watch "House" this week? Holy crap, I was cracking up! I may have to watch it again just for laughs.