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Saturday, October 06, 2007

And We're Back ...

Ok, so Nick mentioned earlier this week about going shopping in Presque Isle on Saturday(with Mel, B, T and Nick's mother) ... and I was all for it! There were some things that I really needed ... well, maybe not needed, but I really wanted them.

Things just didn't seem to be working out, planning-wise, so I told her I would call her back. I called my sister to see if she would like to go, fully expecting her to tell me flat out no. But she didn't. She was up for it. I called Nick back and told her - Not a problem! You guys go. My sister and I are going, by way of Houlton. Have a great time, maybe we'll see yas!

Well, the two hour wait that everyone was so worried about at Houlton turned out to be 25 minutes. It took the border guard about 1 minute to enter our IDs and off we went. We hit the Wal-mart first ... the three Halloween items I wanted weren't even there ... great. However, I did get some great loot bag items for Halloween, as well as some Luminaries and, best of all, liquid candles! They're like little bunsen burners for Jack'O'Lanterns! I alsomanaged to pick up two Christmas gifts for my sister. For myself, I got cream cheese. Lots and lots of fat-free cream cheese. Yay!

Then we went to Bath & Body Works to do a little SS shopping. OMG! I totally fell in love with their Japanese Cherry Blossom items. Beautiful! Anyway, I didn't get anything for myself because that wasn't the purpose of going there. But I may have to make a trip over again to get some. I keep smelling my hand(I tired the lotion) - it smells sooooo good. We also hit the Fashion Bug ... where I got my first pair of cargo pants - in camo green! Yay for me! The trip to the FB was totally for me ... I have wanted a pair of cargo pants for ages, but I can never find any in my size. Well, since I have lost a few pounds, I managed to finally do it! I also got the cutest pink-mauve top. Afterwards, we went to Taco Bell for lunch and then we hit the road home.

All in all, I would say Manda and I had a good day. Which is nice, because when we spend a lot of time together it frequently ends badly.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Criminal Minds & Private Practice

OMG! What relief! He's not dead! I was so sure Gideon was dead .... I knew Mandy Patinkin was leaving the show ... and the way they left the show last week certainly convinved me that was the route they were taking to write him out. Which didn't make sense. Yes, he had had a breakdown years before that, but suicide just didn't jive with Gideon's character. I am glad to see they didn't take that route and have left it open for a return in the future.

On to Hotchner, or rather, his wife Haley (Meredith Monroe, Dawson's Creek). There are certain jobs out there that aren't just "jobs", like profiling for any government agency or SWAT, DEA, etc ... These jobs are what make up a person because it takes a special kind of person to do them. An individual knows that fact when in a relationship with someone who does one of these "jobs". So that being said, I am glad they are ditching the wife ... she has become an increasingly less sympathetic character.

Did anybody watch Private Practice?!?! That was a great episode! The switched babies storyline made me bawl, it was so heartbreaking! Also, when Pete told Addy she needed him to kiss her again, I was sure the neighbours could hear me laughing. It cracked me up. That line made the whole show.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Shake Hands With The Devil

I don't know what to say. I certainly won't go into too much detail or I may end up in tears again.
This movie is based on Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire's experience as the head to the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Rwanda in '93-'94. The title takes on great significance once you've see the movie.
Roy Dupuis did a stupendous job of playing L-G Dallaire. He was simply marvelous, bringing to life both the external and internal struggles the General grappled with, not only during the mission, but after.
Let me just say that I think every Canadian should see this movie. The movie, the story, the ideals of the man all embody what Canada and it's citizens stand for, believe in, and for which we fight every day.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Yes, I went to another movie by myself again. I had to do a mystery shop for Woohoos at the Regent Mall at supper time, so I decided to go to a movie since I was up there. I wanted to see every movie playing right now - even Sydney White! I had a hard time deciding what one to go see .... I know Sarah K is coming up this weekend for Thanksgiving so we will hit at least one movie ... most likely The Brave One or Mr. Woodcock. I didn't want to go see The Kingdom because I thought I might be able to convince Jenny Mac to go see it. And I really wanted to go see Eastern Promises and I didn't think anybody else would really want to see it ... it's just weird enough for me.
If you don't know what the movie is about, check out this link: Eastern Promises . How to describe it ...
Extremely violent. Explicitly violent. So violent that even I flinched. So violent that even the four army bucks in the row behind me flinched. Compelling. Bittersweet. But the end ... it felt so unfinished, empty. Like Nikolai, I guess.
I don't think I would recommend this movie to most people. If you're a David Cronenberg fan, this movie is for you. Otherwise, most people wouldn't enjoy it.
Tuesday night, I am off to another movie ... Shake Hands With The Devil. When I saw the poster at the theatre, I had no idea what it was. But there was a preview at Eastern Promises and I HAVE to see this movie as soon as I possibly can. It's the true story of Canadian Peacekeepers under Romeo Dallaire in Rwanda. Another bonus is that my cutie Roy Dupuis plays Dallaire. If you want to join me, let me know. I'll be there tomorrow night.