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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wasn't going to post about 9/11 BUT

I'm sitting here listening to Oprah .. she has the children of 9/11 on. One girl just said that she will never forget what her dad looked like because she has so many pictures of him, but she's forgotten what his voice sounded like.

I'm sitting here crying because of that. I didn't shed one tear until that girl said she has forgotten her dad's voice. Because she's never going to remember it. It's lost. There is nothing that can bring that memory back for her.

I'm Shipping Up To Boston/The Departed - Dropkick Murphys

*****I got my Dropkick Murphys CDs in the mail today!! ****

This is the song that made me fall for the band. It was in 'The Departed'.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Drama just seems to happen with our group.

I won't get into the whole thing since Mel and Sarah have posted about it. But I will mention a few things.

First of all, Nick gets the phone call from her friend who needs her at the ER ... what are friends for, right? So off Nick goes to town at 2AM, Amy giving her a drive in. Then the drunk driver on the way home this morning. I was surprised that I wasn't as shaken as I should have been. I guess because it was a common occurence when I was a child, but usually I was in the swerving car. So ... we need to see if we can get a copy of the call ... I would love to hear the background chatter from our drive. Lots of oh fucks, oh gods, and the like. Not to mention the singing and cheering at the end. We really weren't going too fast. 60 km/h. Although, once he hit the Clements Drive/Ring Road, he really poured on the gas. At that point I was sure he was going to hit another vehicle or simply run off the road into the ditch. Saint Urban and Martin must have both been watching over him, because the cops managed to stop him without him hurting someone or himself.

Here are a few highlights of the weekend at the lake:

Jen ... the Karaoke Queen! She rocked it!

Sue did manage to make it out to the lake ... she has had such a hard time with work that she immediately hit the mojitos with the girls.

From the waist up only!

Sue was rockin' the mic too! She was a little disappointed that Sarah couldn't set up the pole.

And lastly:

A little too much to drink ...