My little buddy

Saturday, August 25, 2007


What the heck is going on with the weather? It's been downright chilly the past week or so. But today certainly started out hot and humid. By noon, I had the air conditioner on and had stationed myself beside my sister's pool.

Let me tell you, 68 degrees Farenheit water is pretty nipply when the ambient air temp is 30+ Celsius. Of course, your body adjusts when the hypothermia sets in.

Now my biggest challenge for the evening is working my way through the 4 pack of FDs I picked up this afternoon, anticipating the approaching thunderstorm.

So what has everybody been doing this fine day?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Mr. Rogers Neighbourhood

As Jenn pointed out, I have not posted since the 13th. But I have an excuse! I was all set to post Monday ... but what should happen? My internet crapped out.

In the middle of the afternoon, while I was recovering from a wonderful morning of regurgitating the previous evening's repast, my mother informs me, all in a dither, that a box has popped up on the computer screen saying there is little to no internet coverage. At this point, I really didn't care. I simply told her that it was fine, rolled over and drifted off to la-la land again.

When I finally emerged from my stupor later in the day, I was confronted with the reality of no internet. It's almost comical how dependant I have become on the ability to browse the world community. It was like being stranded on an isolated island. Of course, my isolated island still had digital cable and phone, but still! It was a trying time. I had to actually pick up the phone and call people! The horror!

But that wasn't the most dreadful part of the tale. No, no. That came when I was told by Rogers that the situation was all my fault. Sorry. I'm skipping ahead. Let me go back. Monday afternoon I called Rogers Technical Support and became almost dizzy from the circles they were trying to talk around me. When I described the problem, - the cable light blinking on my modem, mentioning that Rogers technicians have been tinkering with the cable/utility line around my neighbours the past week - she walked me through a couple of cure-all steps, that of course, cured squat and informs me that it couldn't possibly be a problem at the main line. I was informed by Wendy, my not-so-friendly Rogers neighbour that I would need to have a technician in to examine the modem. Then comes the question.

Is your modem still located in it's original location? It hasn't been there for almost five years. In fact, it's been in several locations since the original installation. Wendy proceeds to inform me in a very pompous tone that the modem will have to be returned to the original location before a technician can be sent. She then proceeded to repeat that same sentence over in different ways. I told her that just wasn't going to happen. I was not re-installing the cable and modem in the spare room just to have a technician come and move it. That being the situation, how would I get a technician to come to the house and examine the modem? Her answer? When I agreed to have a re-install done. For $35.

At this point, since I wasn't making any headway with the neighbourhood shrew, I asked for her supervisor - the neighbourhood boob. And he was no better. In fact, he was even ruder. I decided what the hell? I'll schedule a re-install. There won't be a re-install when he gets here, but at least I'll have a technician in the house to examine the modem! The supervisor tells me he will put me on hold and call the business department. Three minutes pass, which doesn't sound long, but is in fact long when you are on hold. The supervisor gets back on the line and tells me he'll call the business department now. Hmmm. Excuse me? I thought that was why I was on hold the first three minutes! He then puts me on hold again!

Finally, Ahmed from the business department comes on the line and asks me - so you want to schedule a relocation for your hi-speed internet? At this point, I have had enough of the games my neighbours have been playing with me and reply in a caustic tone - no! but I was told that's the only way I will get a technician in my house to repair the modem. So schedule the relocation. Ahmed proceeds to tell me that he can have technician drop by Wednesday. Wednesday? I pay almost $60 a month for internet. Repair service should be a little quicker than that! I told him - Fine. Go ahead and schedule it for Wednesday. And if Aliant can be here before then, I will call and cancel the appointment. It's funny how they backpeddle when you talk about a competitor. Ahmed was so kind as to waive the relocation fee since we've been such good customers since 1983.

Tuesday comes and I suffer through it. Princess has very kindly offered to e-mail my Epicure group. Really, this couldn't have come at a worse time. Wednesday, I get a call from Rogers. They've assigned technicians to all the days cases and they just can't fit me in. Would Thursday between 8 and 11 be acceptable? Let me think about it. NO! But did I actually have a choice in the matter? I had been contemplating Aliant as an internet provider and being bumped to the following day impelled me to call Aliant Sales just to find out what kind of deal I could get. Which I won't get into right now. Suffice it to say, I would be saving almost $40-50/month.

Thursday arrives and I wait for the technician to come solve all my problems. When he finally graces me with his presence at 10:30, and after I explained the situation to him, he proceeds to talk down to me about relocating the internet without a trained technician. Strike one.

He replaced the perfectly good cable that had been hooked up to the modem. Fine. He replaced the modem. Fine. Guess what? It still wasn't working. Finally, he gets the ladder out and checks the cable line at the utility pole. And guess what? Ta-da! The problem is solved. The technician returns and tells me everything is running smoothly and the whole problem was my fault. Strike two.

He proceeds to describe to me that because I moved the modem without a trained technician, hooked it up to an existing line, and had a "cheap dollar store splitter" in my basement, it sent noise back on the line. Because of that, another technician installed a filter on Monday on the cable line at the utility pole, effectively cutting off my internet access. Strike three.

I was very happy to tell him that one, the splitter in the basement was in fact a Rogers splitter that a Rogers technician had installed and two, I was informed on the phone Monday that there was absolutely no way that problem could be originating at the utility line.

I am also very happy to say that I will be going with Aliant for internet. I've had enough of Rogers. For the past year, anytime I have a problem with my internet service, I always get the party line - It's not our fault. No solutions, just the party line.