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Thursday, August 09, 2007

We're Baaaaaaack......

Ok, so the trip was interesting. Not a bad interesting. Just interesting.

We shopped our asses off. Literally. We may not have had the best diet the whole time, but we more than made up for that with all the walking we did.

We arrived at my aunt's house Friday night after nearly TEN HOURS of driving. For those of you who don't know, that is almost four freaking hours longer than it should have taken us. It poured sheets of rain from the time we left Houlton to the time we got to Portland. The rain was so heavy I had to reduce my speed ... or run the risk of giving Nick a heart attack. The lightning was truly awesome. Not a good awesome, rather a mouth-dropping, awestruck awesome. We drove by two lightning strikes that had started fires right beside the road. When we got to Dover, we headed straight to Wal-Mart and got fans and food. Damn good thing we got those fans, as Mary's house was scorching! Not pleasant at all.

Saturday, we drove to Stoughton, MA to go to IKEA. The drive was good ... even though we went through Boston ... and Nick thought she had gotten us lost and was having heart palpitations ... it was a challenge and I thought it was fun, but then I love to drive.
The first bridge was the Tobin Bridge that cost $3 freaking dollars to go over. Then we had to loop around and take the Leonard P. Zakim Brige (the suspension bridge), before entering the tunnels.

IKEA, oh IKEA. I was an IKEA virgin .... and nothing could have prepared me for it .... it's such a housewares Mecca. I could spend some serious cash there. As it was, I bought a bookcase that required a great deal of space in the truck and a lot of patience and understanding from Tori, Nick and Kris. Then we went to Wrentham Village ... an outlet mall. Let's just say that I don't want to see another outlet for a while. 200+ stores. We left Dover that morning before 9AM ... we got home after midnight. Oye. That was a long day. I came away from Wrentham with a meat tenderizer, a grapefruit spoon and a measuring spoon set(pinch, dash, etc..). That's it! (Kris and I hit all the Kitchen gadget stores). Tori, however, made out like a bandit.

Sunday, we went into Boston. We drove to Newburyport, which is just over the NH-MA border, to take the commuter rail into the city. We got to the train station and Nick and Kris found the station closed. That is all I am going to say about it. What happened there, stays there. Anyway, we drove on to Wakefield ... which is a 'burb of Boston ... lots of traffic! ... and took the rail into the city from there. We decided the best course of action once we were in Boston was to go see if we could get tickets for the Blue Man Group .... after walking around the theatre district for ages and asking numerous people where the Charles Theatre was, we finally found it! Nick and Kris were kind enough to pay for my ticket, as a thank you for doing all the driving. We were fortunate enough to get tickets for the first show of the day. I wasn't really sure I was going to like the show, but OMG! I laughed my ass off! I mean hysterical giggling. I couldn't stop. I would sooooooo recommend going to see them. I would go see them again! Since it was Sunday, and the commuter rail only had a handful of times it ran and since it was getting close to that time, we just went back to North Station and waited for the rail, then returned to Dover.

I'll post more later ... the following day in Boston was eventful! But you'll have to wait till later. I have to get weighed for the Biggest Loser. Toodles.