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Saturday, July 14, 2007


I have been on the hunt for the perfect colour for the living/dining room. I knew what colour I wanted, but it was damn hard to find a colour swatch. Every brand has different hues and shades that just danced around the colour that I was imagining. I've been to Home Hardware, Kent's and Home Depot. I've been online looking at all the different sites. But it wasn't until I hit my last stop on Thursday that I finally found the material twin to my imaginary colour.

At Home Depot, they carry Behr Paint and Disney Color by Behr. Most Disney Colour swatches are BRIGHT. But I happened upon a swatch called Timeless Tales. It's perfect! The exact colour I want. But it's a Disney Color and it's trademarked.

What to do? I remember Princess' run in with the trademark police at Crappy Tire. I had absolutely no intention of paying an exhorbitant price for Behr paint. Particularly when I needed two gallons of paint. I also happen to be partial to Home Hardware's Beauti-Tone paint. I've always had very good luck with it. So I popped down to Home Hardware this morning and made a beeline for the paint department.

When Jerry, my paint "connection" as he will now be known, asked me if he could help me, I replied, "I don't know ... I don't if you're going to be able to colour match it ... it's trademarked." He took one look at the paint swatch, he waved away my concerns and said, "We don't have the makeup on file because Home Depot is too new, but I can definitely colour match it."

I now have two gallons of Timeless Tales paint sitting in my living room eagerly awaiting to be applied the naked canvas' that are my walls. 17th down on the right ... it's part of the Princess series.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Short Tales

When I was getting dressed this morning, I opened my dresser drawer that contains my shorts. There at the top of the pile was a pair of shorts that I have had for several years. They are cotton khaki cargo-style shorts. And I have not worn them for almost three years.

I thought to myself "What the hell. I'll give them a try."

I pulled on the long-unused shorts. They weren't tight!

I buttoned them up. And I didn't feel like the button was going to pop off and shoot across the room.

I zipped them up and I knew I wouldn't have to worry about the seams on those babies!

Although the scales stay constant, I have noticed my clothing fitting differently. And this pair of shorts that are a size smaller than I normally wear confirm it. I have lost weight! Woohoo!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Little of Everything

New cut! Ignore the flyaways ... I was standing in front of the air conditioner.
Anyway .... da da da daaaa! I have bangs! Well, a half bang. Couldn't go for the full bang because I have a cow lick right where my part is.
I really like it! I am still on the fence about growing my hair out ... I had thought about it. I would like to get a spiral perm which would require longer hair, unless I want to look like I have an afro. Again.
I'm going to try it, but Darcie thinks that this style looks really good, and that I will end up not liking the way longer hair will look. I guess we will have to see. If I don't like it, then I will just get it cut, right?
Ok, there's one thing. Here's another! It's celeb stupid. While I was waiting to get my hair cut, I was reading last month's issue of In Style, and they had a portrait special of fathers and their children ... celeb fathers, that is. So I get to Bruce Willis .... and freaking Ashton Kutcher! Basically, the photo is taken poolside, with Scout and Tallullah practically hanging off Kutcher, who was sitting on a lounger. Then Willis and Rumor were sitting behind Kutcher. You might be able to tell that I have a problem with this. First of all, it was a father's day special ... so really, it should have been a portrait of Willis with his girls. I know Kutcher is the step-father .... but for the love of all that is holy, he's barely older than the girls are .... so really, what kind of step-father is he and how much impact has he really had on these girls in the whole of their lives? Second, I have a problem with the placement of everyone in the photo ... it was a father's day special and Willis is the father, therefore he should have been center stage, not Kutcher. But hey, if Willis didn't take issue, who am I to do so? He's always taken the stand that he and Moore and Kutcher are a united front when it comes to parenting and being a family.
Here's a doozy. My mother was in North Tay all last week with my grandmother. She came home Sunday night around 8pm. By 10, I was ready for her to LEAVE. Vamoose! Oye! I've tried to stay away from her the last two days ... just so she won't get on my nerves so much. But there are still instances. Like this afternoon. The kidlets were all picked up by 4:45 ... I made supper - oven roasted taters, salad and BBQ'ed chicken breasts (sound familiar Nick?) ... while the chicken was on the grill, I was reading. Do you think she could zip it for more than 30 seconds at a time? NOOOOO! She was like a child .... she would not stop asking me asinine questions. I mean, really, one of the perks of not having children is that I won't be pestered to death while I am doing something .... but apparently one of the cons of living with your mother is that she will act like the child you chose not to have. Arrrgggghhhh!!!!
Tomorrow will bring a better day ... and it will be mother free - she's headed for North Tay again. Yippee!