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Friday, April 06, 2007


After reading Amy's 100 Things, I re-read my own and decided to link to my own ... some of them made me laugh, others made me tear up, and others still made me sad.

My 100 Things

New Blog

Can you believe it? I'm swimming in blogs lately. I've started a new blog ... for Epicure! I've put a link to it under Hot Spots.

Today's post actually has a list of discontinued items ... you might want to check them out. Specially if you have a salad dressing cruet.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

And Today's Words Are ...

Well Melanie wanted a post! So here it is! Grammar and Vocabulary again!

The following is another common mistake. It's only two words ... and they are very easy to straighten out.

ACCEPT - it's a verb that means 'to receive' or 'to agree'.
e.g. He accepted their praise graciously.
e.g. She will accept the terms of the agreement.

EXCEPT- is a preposition meaning 'all but' or 'other than'
e.g. Everyone went to the game except Buddy.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Melnyk ROCKS!

This made me cry ... what a generous gift. It may seem frivolous, but for those hard-working troops, it was probably a wonderful treat and reminder of home.

I'm Flippin'!

Completely flipping out!

Holy crap! I'm $800 lighter in the pocket.

And terrified that A) I'm going to get lost in the airports (Toronto and Vancouver, at least) and B) that the seats are going to be way too uncomfortable.

I did it. I bought my ticket this afternoon. Holy Shit!