My little buddy

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

One Little Thing

Please disregard the mess that is my craft area. Just focus on that one little thing.

The Cuttlebug.

Nick loaned hers to me so I could finish up the tags .... it looks so ... at home!
Hmmm...I guess the big question is - will Nick ever see it again?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Grey's is new AGAIN this week!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tickle Test - Brain Type

Does anyone try out's test? I am on their mailing list and they sent me a Brain Type test to try for free. Normally, to get the results, you have to pay ... but since this was a free trial, I thought I would give it a whirl. It's funny, but the results actually explain a lot for me - I have never been a right or left only thinker - I thought I was just odd, or defective. So here are my results:

prittykitty74, you are Balanced-brained, which means that you rely equally on both the left and right hemispheres of your brain.

You have a balanced brain — able to draw on the strengths of both the right and left hemispheres depending on context. Typically, people with balanced right and left hemispheres are very comfortable with switching between local and global perspectives — that is, paying attention to both small details and larger issues when the circumstance indicates. That means they can identify elements that make up an image or situation and also attend to the larger, more holistic pattern or unified whole that those details comprise.
You are able to capitalize on the left hemisphere's skills in verbal communication as well on the right hemisphere's focus on patterns and association making. This rare combination makes you a very creative and flexible thinker.
Depending on the situation, you may rely on one hemisphere or the other. Some situations may lend themselves to using your right brain's creativity and flexibility while other situations may call for a more structured approach as dictated by your left brain.
That's how your brain processes information. And while your dominant brain hemisphere certainly contributes to the way you process information, there is also a style of learning, unrelated to your dominant hemisphere, that determines the ways in which you are best able to pick up information. When you're learning something new, your dominant brain hemisphere will want to take over. But there are times when the information being presented is not well suited to your dominant hemisphere's abilities.
That's why, in addition to your hemispheric dominance, you also have a style of learning that is dominant for you. Whether you know it or not, you are naturally predisposed to learning things visually, aurally, or through a combination of the two.
Your test results show that you are a visual learner.
Other balanced-brained people who are visual learners are scientist and theoretician Buckminster Fuller, painter Pablo Picasso, news anchor Tom Brokaw, and scientist Stephen Hawking. But before delving deeper into how you learn, you should get the basics of your brain's physiology.

October Road

Did anybody check out October Road Thursday night after Grey's? I didn't hold out much hope for it, but the ads did look intriguing. And I really like Tom Berenger(Major League, Sniper) and Laura Prepon(Donna in That 70's Show) in pretty much everything they do.

In the pilot, Nick(Bryan Greenberg, Prime) gets an offer to teach a one-day, intensive course at Dufresne College in his hometown of Knights Ridge. Suffering from writer's block, he sees going back as an opportunity to tap back into the creative inspiration of his past. However he burned his bridges when he used his friends and family as characters in his bestselling novel - that is, in the less-than-flattering bestselling novel. Consequently the hometown response to Nick's return is less than enthusiastic. In addition to all this, he runs into the girlfriend(Laura Prepon) he abandoned all those years ago ... who happens to have a son who's birthday coincides with his ill-fated departure of 10 years earlier.

It was slow in a couple of places, but then what pilot isn't? I will definitely keep watchin to see what happens. I'm intrigued with the story lines. And the guys aren't too bad either!