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Friday, February 23, 2007

Some More

So, I went through my older albums and what should I discover? About a half dozen LOs NOT FINISHED! Oye! So I got them out and finished up a couple, disassembled a few I really hated, and actually threw two out (they were Aweful!). The first LO is one of my father as a child ... it's a LO that wasn't finished, so I took it apart and started from scratch. The second LO is of Sunny Girl that was partially completed. It was horrible! So, I took that one apart too. I remember these LOs because I was so stuck ... I just couldn't make them work so I gave up on them. Finally, FIVE, count them, 1-2-3-4-5!!! years later, they are finished.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today's LO

So, today, as I started this LO, I thought - oooh, I'll get a couple done this afternoon! Then Neeta called and that plan fizzled. Which was ok, cuz I'd rather talk to her than scrapbook. I can scrapbook any old time, but it's not the same case when it comes to talking to my BFFs since they both live far away. Anyway, I did manage to get the one LO pulled together while Lauren nibbled sparingly at her snack. It's sort of an amalgam of the 6X6 LO "Peekaboo" I did for Emma's going away album I made her and a LO of Tina's titled "Beautiful"(which you can see in her slide show on her blog).

I have decided that my goal will be one LO per day. I always have a couple of hours when Lauren is sleeping that I can work on a LO. I could do housework, but that wouldn't be near as much fun!

Because I Said So

So, last night, Amanda, Mum and I went to see 'Because I Said So'. It's such a mother-daughter flick. It's also freakin hilarious!
Diane Keaton plays Daphne, a meddling mother of three women, Maggie (Lauren Graham, 'Gilmore Girls', AKA Princess' doppleganger), Mae (Piper Perabo,'Coyote Ugly'), and Milly (Mandy Moore, well you know who she is). Maggie and Mae are both happily married, so Daphne sets her sights on her poor, unfortunate-in-love daughter, Milly. She decides that she needs to pick out the right man for her daughter. So, she places a personal ad on a web dating site and from there, it's a rollercoaster ride of laughing and tear-shedding. This movie also stars Tom Everett Scott of 'That Thing You Do', Gabriel Macht of 'The Good Shepherd', and Steven Collins of '7th Heaven'. If you haven't seen the ads or guessed it yet, Collins plays a love interest for Keaton's character. What's really funny is that he was in 'The First Wives Club' with her. He played her character's husband who dumped her for a younger woman.
I would really recommend this movie to every woman I know with one stipulation: you have to take your mother to it! This movie has mothers pegged! Those wonderful comments like, "Is that what you're wearing?" or "How are you going to do your hair?" when it's been done!
On a personal note: My mother kept saying to us through the movie - "I'm not that bad, I don't say those things." And Amanda and I kept saying "YES, YOU DO!".
And I've already informed my mother the police will never find her body if she ever puts an ad in the personals for me.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Latest Layout


Look at the goodies I got in the mail today! It's a little bit of almost a dozen different types of Prima Flowers, mainly Daisy Crazy line.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

Well, I have been busy today! Lauren is still sick, so she spent today at home, poor doodle. While she's been home, I've been getting stuff done! Today, I started the purge in my craft room. I have so much crap in there that I am never going to use. I look at it and think, 'but I might be able to use it someday'. WRONG! That day will probably never come. So in the garbage bag it went. After one bag and a box, I went to the recycle ... needed to get those bags of pop bottles and cans out of my craft room. Yes, all the freakin' recyclables go in my room. It's irritating in the extreme. Then I went to Shoppers to use the Kodak Picture maker and drop off some negatives ... I still have to pick up the pics, then I can start on those LO - I already know exactly what I want to do with them. Then I came home and purged some more. Another bag is ready for the Dolly. After that, I finished cleaning up my desk, then I got down to business. I finished the "Siblings" page that I started at Saturday's crop and I managed to do a LO with the pic of my Nanny that I just couldn't make 'work' at the crop.

I don't know if I want to put any journalling on that LO. I like the simplicity of it. I don't know if I want to clutter it up with journalling. If I were to do any, I would probably hand write it in white pen in a semi-circle around the flower on the navy CS. Any other suggestions?
Also, it completely slipped my mind that it's Mardi Gras today! Or Shrove Tuesday for some of us. Which sucks, cuz today should have been pancake supper. Rrrrrgggg! Oh well, my haddock and fries will have to do. Since today is Shrove Tuesday, that would make tomorrow Ash Wednesday and I will once again be reinforcing what a bad Catholic I really am. I just can't make myself go to Church and have a priest smear ashes on my forehead, probably because of the foolish misapprehension I was under as a child. Nobody tells you where the ashes come from ... or at least they don't tell children. And children have very fertile imaginations. I used to believe that the ashes were from flesh and bone. Although I now know that they are from palms, as in fronds, I just can't quite get over that childhood fear and make myself do it. I am sure my nanny and my father are heaving big sighs of disappointment in me as I type. Well, it didn't make me go when they were alive, so I don't think their hypothetical guilt trip will make me go tomorrow. I should amend that statement a bit. When my father was alive, he didn't sigh in disappointment, he just gave you a look that promised a beating and you got in the car, even if it was hours before Mass. Anyway, enough 'sentimentality' for today.
Happy Mardi Gras!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hawaiian Cheesecake

WELL, I have to say ... I am the Queen of Cheesecakes now! I made a Hawaiian Cheesecake for the potluck we had for Sunday dinner at Mary's. I will have to make this one for the Divas sometime ... cream cheese, pineapple, macadamia nuts, toasted coconut ... it was scrumptious! Even though I used low-fat cream cheese, the texture was creamy ... not at all stiff. Maybe I will make it soon ... very soon.

Party Update

I got home and told Mum I never even stopped in to the party. Mum said it was a good thing, I wouldn't have been at all comfortable. She said she wasn't comfortable - and she's a rather social person. It was full of people from Amanda's work, Greenfields, their friends, and strangers that got invited by invitees.

As Batman's Two-Face says, I'm of two minds about the matter.(I couldn't resist a movie reference.) Yes, I feel bad for not going. It was her 30th birthday party and I am her sister. But on the other hand, I feel good about not going. I ended up spending the evening with friends who make me feel good about myself, who think I am actually humourous at times, and can put up with my bitchiness. Whereas, if I had gone to the party, I would have felt awkward (remember- social retard here), uncomfortable, and probably ended up being denigrated by my sister in front of everyone.

Well, I'll just have to see how hard Amanda plays the guilt card tomorrow. That should be interesting.