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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Friday, February 09, 2007

Do You Eat The Red Ones Last?

When I popped up to Wal-mart this afternoon to pick up Em's gift card, I couldn't resist buying this bag of Smarties ... it was only $6.97!

Care to take a guess how large it is?

Highlight the text below to easily see the answer:

It's a freakin' kilogram!


Ok, I discovered the problem. We all have to have separate user IDs for each tournament. So you have to tell me what you all want to do - create a second user ID or I can just take mine down. Let me know!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


What? They just can't leave it like this! I can't wait a week to find out what happens to Mer!

Ok, it's a good thing that I watched this alone, cuz I would have annoyed people otherwise. I ended up talking and yelling at the TV several times:

-When they arrived at the scene - OMG.
-Izzy, that man is a lost cause ... the only thing keeping him alive is that car on top of him.
-George, just fucking lie to her! Tell her that her son is fine!
-WTF!?! NO - Meredith!

OK, gotta go watch it again.

Missing Link

Nick left a comment that this was the longest I had gone without posting ... it really isn't ... I have gone longer, usually when I have bloggers block. This time, it is due to being busy. I took the day off Monday and spent it at the hospital with my grandmother, then worked Tuesday and spent the evening with Grammy. Glad I did! I won't be able to be around Grammy for about a week now. Lauren got dropped off yesterday morning with a cold. So that means until she gets better and I don't show any signs of contagion, I can't be around Grammy in case I make her sick. The last thing she needs is to get a cold, develop fluid in her lungs and get pneumonia - which is a concern after any surgery that requires a patient to spend a large amount of recovery time in bed. So, I guess I will be around to post more often for the next several day! Hehe.

Really nothing to report ... Grammy is doing well, up walking to the bathroom with her walker. Ted is doing well ... he's clear and coherent, up and around. And now he's pissed because the Dr. told him he can't drive for 3 months. Thank goodness ... I don't want to be on the same road with him, when he could have a seizure at any given moment. Anyway, his family will have to step up, because Mum just can't do it. She has Grammy's recovery to worry about.

On a lighter note, I am having a CTMH party February 25th at 10:00AM ... lots of food! I love having people over so I can feed them! Anyway, I will send out invites with more details. Also, Nick what do you think if I put a movie trivia on my blog? Ok, with you?

Monday, February 05, 2007

CSI: Miami

Did anybody watch this? OMG, OMG, OMG!

I don't watch it Monday nights, because I am usually watching Heroes and Studio 60. But I saw the ads and it looked really good. It contained a continuing storyline with Clavo Cruz, which I have enjoyed in the past, so I knew I had to watch this episode.

In the ads Eric (Mr. Cuty) gets shot in the leg. So I knew this was coming. What I didn't freaking know was what came after that! He and Horatio were pinned down by a sniper and of course, Horatio kills the sniper. All is good. Eric's telling Horatio that he's fine, he's going to make it and all of a sudden there is another crack and he's dead. There was another sniper and he shot Eric in the head!

I so didn't see this coming! What the hell!? What is this show going to do without Mr. Cuty? And it's TO BE CONTINUED! Damn it!

Update 2

I am just about to head to the hospital again, but I thought I would update what has been going on, briefly anyway.

My Grammy did a lot better yesterday. It still hurt her to get out of bed, but at least she wasn't shocky this time. She's eating well, doing her excercises, and getting lots of rest. I am headed up to help Mary, keep Grammy company, and make sure she doesn't give Mary too hard a time about doing her excercises. My aunt Pat and her hubby are coming this week to help with her recovery, so the workload should be a little lighter for everyone - not that I'm saying my Grammy is a burden. I'm just saying that THR had a long recovery period and we don't want anyone to get burnt out in the first week.

Unfortunately, I have more bad news. When it comes to my family, when it rains, it pours. My mother's BF was playing crib at the Nashwaak Legion yesterday and had a seizure. He is now in the hospital, on the same frickin floor as my grandmother, only a few doors down. Now my mother gets to do double duty at the hospital, on top of working today and tomorrow. It isn't fair, but Ted's granddaughter guilts my mother into taking on more of Ted's care so she won't have to. Anyway, that's a whole other post.

I gotta get going. If you need to reach me, I always leave my cell on, even though you're not technically supposed to. You can try me on that.