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Saturday, January 13, 2007


It's been a while. Too long, I am ashamed to say. Since October, really.

And last night, I finally sat down and SCRAPBOOKED!

WOW! I am feeling good! I accomplished something. And it was really creative! No sketches or scraplifting for me. Which is odd in and of itself.

The girls came over for a little pre-crop crop. Nicole is hosting a crop through her store at the end of the month, but that was just too long to wait! So we got together last night, had a lot of good food, talked and laughed loud, and got some layouts done.

I got two LOs done ... man, I'm slooooooowwwww:

And then, Saturday, after buying more paper (cardstock this time), I started working on another LO. I started at 3pm. Took a short break for supper just as Nick and Tori arrived, then went back to work on it. FOUR HOURS! It took me four hours to finish it. "It" being the Kandy Apple Kids. I really like how it turned out. "you make me smile" is another favourite. It wouldn't have come together if it hadn't been for Nick. I just didn't have enough flowers or different brads. So she gave a couple of flowers and all the bigger sized brads. Bless her heart. But I was told I HAD to finish it before she left, so she could scraplift it. I have to add that punching all those freaking holes (for the brads) would have been such a PITA before. Not now, with my MM setter that Santa Nick gave me for Christmas. It took meer seconds. Very little effort.
Notice a trend here? I scrapbook children, but they aren't mine! Well, I call them my kids, but they're Anita's. Big thanks to Anita for all the pics.
Oh, and I musn't forget the comment my mother made in regards to the loud talking and laughing ...she said we were just like a bunch of teenage girls. She gets such a kick out of us.
Anyway, I hope everyone had a good time and got lots done!

Friday, January 12, 2007



HI Susan and Anita (from all 11 of us!)

This is Susan getting some chili. She decided to have some cheese and sour cream with it. Crazy girl!

Here is Anita getting some of Krista's delicious dip. Anita's sure loves her dip.

Anita and Susan couldn't resist posing with our birthday girls, Nola and Deanna. Happy Birthday ladies!
Melanie, Susan, and Krista eating and relaxing.
Tina, Nicole, Anita, and Kim doing the same.
We'll post more as the party gets going!!


*******This post contains spoilers. If you don't want last nights episodes revealed, do not read this.*******

Ugly Betty rocked last night!

Well, not the part where Daniel got his heart squashed like a bug on a windsheild, but there were some really great parts.

Like Sophia's(Selma Hayek) Betty-like assisstant at MYW .... did anybody recognize her? Underneath all that makeup, hideous glasses, and horribly unflattering clothes? It was Becki Newton who plays Amanda, the blond, eats anything not pinned down receptionist turned assisstant to the editor of Mode!

Then, I think the very best part was the elevator scene. You know the one I am talking about? After Sophia breaks Daniel's heart and publicly humiliates him on national TV, she steps into the elevator that Amanda is already on. And then Amanda proceeds to beat the shit out of her with her purse! LOVED it!

So, on to GREY'S ANATOMY....

OMG! How can a show be so funny one moment and a tear-jerker the next? This show is pure genious for that exact reason.

I couldn't help but laugh at that fromage-y scene at the bank when Izzy finally deposited her $8.7 million dollar cheque.

Burke and Cristina - they really have the oddest relationship. But at least she's sticking in there. Loved that she slept on his couch.

The snoring! God, I laughed so hard when Izzy, while walking down the hall, ratted Derek out about sleeping on the couch and setting an alarm clock so he could get back in bed before Meredith woke up.

I cried when George's father came out of surgery and George couldn't go into the room.

Overwhelmingly sad for Meredith whenever she saw her father, specially when he completely ignored her in front of everyone at rounds.

And last but certainly not least .... Karev and Addison almost kissing. EWWWW! I'm sorry, some of you might be rooting for them, but God ALMIGHTY woman! Can you possibly NOT sleep with a co-worker? Specially one who will sleep with anything that has a pulse? A mini McSteamy, if you will. No, I can't even call him that because he doesn't have that unique charm that is McSteamy. It's just wrong, wrong, wrong!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

So what do you think? Should I give it a try? Tracey has called me a couple of times to discuss it. I'm still on the fence.
(In my best Linda Richmon voice) Ok, there's your topic. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Petty Annoyance

Ok, so I am on a bunch of different survey sites. Surprise! And they always have draws for prizes. Which I never win. Until this past December! I won a $20 gift certificate.
So I finally ordered something last week. I got a book on toddler activities, a movie (13 Going On 30 - it's such a cute movie!), and Fergie's CD - The Dutchess. I got the book and the movie in the mail yesterday. No CD. That's ok. Each item was shipped separately, so maybe it will arrive tomorrow. I get an e-mail today. They're out of stock! And they won't have any in stock for two flippin' weeks! And if something happens that they don't get it in stock in two weeks, they will cancel my order.
Ok, this pisses me off. Why? Because, with my luck, they won't get it in and I will have waited to find out that they have cancelled my order, when I could have gone to Music World and picked one up today! They should have just offered me the option of cancelling it now, rather than making me wait. I can't take the initiative and cancel it because I used the Super Saver Shipping option - no shipping fee if you spend $39 - and if I cancel the CD and go under the $39 amount, they might charge me $10 shipping.
Anyway, that's my petty annoyance of the day.

Monday, January 08, 2007

My New Baby!

This is the printer I am getting tonight.
It was time. My current printer hasn't worked in a while. I assumed it was the cartridge, as the pop-up window kept telling me. I replaced the black ink cartridge in my printer and it wouldn't work. I wasted more than $30 on an ink cartridge that I will never be able to use again. Or so I thought.
Until I checked out the flyer for Wal-Mart. And on the cover is the same printer as this pic, but different colour. And it uses the same ink cartridges that my old printer used! That last ink cartridge wasn't a complete waste of money. How great is that! This printer is an all-in-one printer, canner, copier. Aahhhhhh!!!!!!! That is a big sigh of relief, my friends. I will finally have a functioning printer again.

Because I Said So trailer

Diane Keaton rocks. She is one of the most talented actresses. I always enjoy her movies.

This is going to be such a good mother-daughter movie. Mum and I plan on going to see it when it comes out. We'll have to drag my sister as well.

Wild Hogs trailer

Here's a funny movie coming soon! I would LOVE to know who did the casting for this movie - it's amazing!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Catch And Release trailer

This looks like a really cute movie! I just love Timothy Olyphant ... even when he played Mickey in Scream 2!

The Boys Are Back!

Yes, George, Brad, Matt, and the rest of the gang are back. In 'Ocean's Thirteen'! And guess who has joined their band of merry theives? None other than their very first mark, Terry Benedict, played by Andy Garcia.

Check out the trailer: