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Saturday, December 30, 2006

SO, I got to use the beautiful cake plate and cute muffin pots that Santa Nick gifted to me at the Secret Santa Exchange. I didn't have enough dip dishes, so I cracked open the muffin pots and used them for the dips. They worked out really well. I plated my Cafe Au Lait Cheesecake on teh Snowmen plate. It was a perfect fit for the 8" cheesecake! By the way, I am not a coffee fan, but this cheesecake was scrumptious! We had fondue - hot oil. Great for cooking, yucky for smell and residue. My house smells and I had to wipe everything down from the S&P shakers to the table. Anyway, we had steak, zucchini sticks, onion rings, potato salad, fried rice, garlic bread and the dips! It was so good. And we had just the right amount of everything.
We opened gifts after supper. The kids all liked their name frames. It was a hit, particularly with Jessie who LOVES pink. Not only that, but she has developed a love of polka dots - that is, AFTER I made this. Isn't that fortunate? K loved his Magical Science Tricks Book ... something he'll end up doing with Fred, more often than not. Em wasn't super keen on the starter Junie B. Jones books I gave her, but she has never read any of them. I'm positive that she will fall in love with them once she does read them.
And here's a picture with Sarah and the kids and I. I think I will send it to Sarah cuz it really is a nice one of all of us. I might even get this printed and frame it.
Anyway, it was sooooooooooooooooooo good to see my kids. I call them my kids. I know they're not, but I have always doted on them since they were babies.
If Fred gets posted to Victoria when he's done his course, I will have absolutely no choice but to go out for a visit, even if it takes every last dime I have and I do nothing touristy while I am out there.

By my kids, I mean Anita's. My Boog and My Bug are coming over early.

Sarah K, Anita and the kids, and Teena, John & the kids are coming over tonight for fondue and a gift exchange.

Anita, Kayin and Emma came in early to go visit Nicole and her brood, but they weren't home, so I get them instead! Woohoo! This will be the first time I have seen the kids since May .... I can't wait!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Ok, I just watched the ABC special 'Basic Instincts'. Did anybody else? It's about what perfect strangers will do, what they are comfortable doing, with a given situation.

First scenario - a well-dressed guy trying to get into his car and obviously very intoxicated. What would you do? Let him get in the car, call 911?

What if there was a scenario change? What if the guy was dressed down? Kinda sloppy clothes? Would you be more willing to help or ignore?

Another change. A woman trying to get into her car while obviously drunk. Would you help her?

And the last one. What if that woman had children with her? What if she was trying to get her children in the car while stinking drunk? Would you help her and her children or ignore them?

Well, most people did something with regards to the guy, be it calling the cops, talking to him, or even trying to get him to sober up. But they were far slower to help him when he was dressed down. What about the woman? Well, the same amout of people stopped to help as the well-dressed guy. But when there were children involved, almost all bystanders stopped to try and do something.

What should you do? This is the recommendation: if you can't convince the person not to drive, then step back and try to distract them until the police arrive. But if that doesn't work, be an attentive witness: take down the plate number, call the police, and give a detailed description of the driver.

Second scenario- a man physically intimidating his girlfriend in the park. It's obvious she wants to leave, but he won't let her. He repeatedly pushes her around, yelling and screaming at her. What would you do? Ignore it? Sneak a peek? Stop and talk to other bystanders? Call the cops? Or would you get in the guys face?

Well, more than half ignored it or snuck peeks. Including an off duty police officer, who later stated it wasn't physical enough to warrant intervention, he was off duty, and he didn't have his weapon. Others, mainly women, stopped further away from the confrontation and called the cops. Only two people, women, actually confronted the guy and helped the girl to her car.

But what if there was a change? What if the couple was black? Over 100 people walked by. One man stopped. Only to tell the guy that "there was a time and place for this kind of thing, and this isn't the time, and it most definitely isn't the place". Only one person stopped to help the abused woman. Who was that kind Samaritan? Another woman. She walked the woman away from the man and asked a bystander for a cell phone to call the police.

Third scenario - a girlfriend yelling at and beating on her boyfriend in the park. Surprisingly, or really not surprisingly, not one man stopped. A group of women stopped a distance away and discussed what to do. Finally one woman went over and warned the girlfriend that if she didn't stop, she was calling the police. They did actually call the cops. They were the only ones.

When these bystanders were questioned later, they overwhelming gave the same kinds of responses. He must have deserved it.

Little Fact: Did you know that while men do more damage when hitting a woman, it's actually women who do most of the hitting?

Last scenario - in three different cities across the US, a cab driver tries to engage passengers in racist conversation. Almost every passenger made some kind of remark or agreed with the cab drivers, but would later claim to the investigator that they weren't racist. One guy never said anything as the cab driver made racial slurs, but it was obvious he didn't agree and he was very uncomfortable. What was really sad about it was that the cabby was making racial remarks about Jews and the passenger was Jewish. The passenger never spoke up. Only one woman was quite vocal in her disagreement.

So what would you do? Would you just ignore any of those scenarios if you actually came across them or would try to something, anything?

I'll be honest. I've called the cops on someone for driving drunk. A complete stranger who didn't have the sense not to drink from his beer bottle in the KFC parking lot. I called the cops with the plate #, car and driver description. Do I regret it? The only thing I regret was not trying to talk to the guy or try stalling him. Cuz really. I have no idea if the cops actually did anything. From what I understand, they "get too many of those calls, and just can't respond to them all".

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'm bored! Someone talk to me!!!!!!


This is the calendar that I made Joan. It was HEAVY! So heavy that she won't be able to hang it or it will rip the pages. I am open to suggestions on how to display it. The only thing I can come up with is asking Sue's hubby to make a stand for it that has a footer that will carry the weight and a clip board style clip at the top to hold the top page up. Dunno.

Anyway, this is the final result for each page. Sorry about the flash. I had to keep going back and forth between flash and no flash because of glare. Finally I just settled for an angled pic. I completely skipped over February's LO, which was of the Justice building, with Plum BG paper.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Very LONG Post!

Well, Christmas morning wasn't quite as stressful as I thought it would be, thank goodness. I have no idea what time Mum got up, but when I did emerge from the bedroom, she was glued to the computer, playing that G-D Text Twist game.

We had breakfast, Make-Ahead Eggs Benny, then waited for Amanda to arrive. She and David opened gifts before she came over. We opened for
what seemed like forever! See that big square at the bottom left of the pic? That was my present from Mum that sat in my craft room under a blanket for awhile. Wanna know what it was?

I think Mum really liked her gift that I gave her ... the first season of "Due South" on DVD. She was extremely surprised. I think hers was the most enthusiastic response to a gift the whole morning ... she actually shouted "ooooooohhhhh". She got a lot of things she could use - a new pair of moccasins (have to keep those away from Doodle, she likes to chew on the fur), a kettle, an alarm clock (hers only works when it wants to), and a blender. And I gave her a print of a picture I took that everyone is now jealous that they didn't get.

Amanda got a lot of things for entertaining/cooking/decorating in her new house. Candles, a cookbook, a table runner, chafing dishes, a roaster to name a few things.

Ok, so what did I get? Wellllllll..... the big square thingy was a hypo-allergenic mattress topper for my harder-than-a-rock bed. I've been eyeing them for the past couple of years since my mattress has started to go downhill. I also got TWO, count it, ONE, TWO Il Divo CD's from Mum - the Christmas CD and the newest, El Siempre. What else? From Mum - a Toblerone, a pair of pj's with kitties on them, two Sudoku books, and lots of toiletry items from the stocking. From Amanda - a Christmas nightdress, a $25 Pennington's gift certificate, a fuzzy scarf, a $25 Pennington's gift cert., a three pack of undies, a $25 Pennington's gift cert., a funky pair of slipper socks, and another $25 Pennington's gift certificate. Spoiled!

Buddy looking all angelic while chomping down on an icicle that could lacerate his intestines and kill him.

As we were getting dressed, we got a call from Mary ... where were we? why weren't we over there? they were waiting for us! So, we went over to watch present unwrapping. Mary had her Christmas tree in the kitchen, as Grammy's bed and dresser are in the general area that Mary usually has her tree. Grammy was all set up in a comfy chair to watch the goings on.

Sharon and Norah in the foreground. At the table - my cousin Kelly, Aunt Donna and Uncle Ted (Tedward), who was full of the "Christmas cheer" at this point. All framed by Patty's leg and hip on the left and Andy's legs and beer bottle on the right. I take great pictures, huh? I never think of those kinds of things in my hurry to photograph everything. Patty and Paul were home this year for Christmas because Grammy was supposed to have a hip replacement earlier this month, that obviously didn't go through.

Mary cooking the gorgeous Christmas turkey, courtesy of UPS (Amanda's gift to Grammy every year). We had Mary's yummy bread dressing, carrots, potatoes, turnip, squash, turkey, gravy, pickles, raisin pie and chocolate cheesecake for the Who feast. I ended up carving the WHO beast (turkey). And let me tell you, that's a lot of pressure in my family!

Everyone LOVED the calendar that I made my Aunt Joan ... I will post pics later tonight. It turned out really well. I have to thank my Aunt Norah for printing the pictures for me or it never would have happened.

Amanda and I with Grammy.

Now on to something quite disheartening. Amanda and I are really starting to get worried about Grammy. The Wilson family is NOT a pda family. That is the way Grammy raised her family because that is the way she was raised. When Irvin and Donna and the girls were leaving, Irvin went to pat Gram on the shoulder as he usually does. But Grammy pulled him down for a big hug and kiss and held his hands and told him that he had a lovely family - a family anyone would be proud to have. I thought Irvin was going to cry. You could tell he was holding back tears and he was very choked up.

When Mum, Amanda, and I left, Grammy hugged us and gave us kisses. The hugging has been something that has developped since last Christmas - but usually only with Amanda and I(that I have noticed, at least). This year, she's started giving kisses. My Grammy has become so frail in the past 6 months. And we're so scared that this was her last Christmas and that she's doing all this to say goodbye. She was my second mother. I spent half my childhood in North Tay. And I honestly don't know what I will do without her when that time comes. I am not prepared for that time to be now.

Anyway, when all was said and done, the day was wonderful. I hope everyone else had a great Christmas as well. Merry Christmas everyone!