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Friday, November 24, 2006

All Aboard!

Well, it's just about that time! Elvis is gassed, cleaned out, and packed up. To make the trip even shorter, we are taking sandwiches, snacks and drinks so we don't have to stop at a restaurant on the way ... nothing like wasting an hour at the start. And we really need to get across the border as quickly as possible ... need to squeeze in that 48 hours.

I have all my lists ready. Yes, I said lists. I, too, make lists. I was just hesistant to mention it. I didn't want to end up being the brunt of the jokes. I know Melanie really enjoys that particular honour, and I didn't want to steal it from her.

For all those blog readers who are in the Secret Santa Exchange and you haven't e-mailed your preferred dates for the party...get crackin'! Monday morning, I will be sending out the date and time ...

Anyway, have a great weekend! Everybody enjoy the Christmas Parade, take lots of pictures and most important of all, eat lots of candy canes. Preferrably not those hideous eggnog flavoured ones.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Is anyone a fan of Il Divo, by any chance?

Have you heard? They're coming to the Maritimes... they'll be in Halifax April 7th.

Their new CD "Siempre" comes out next week...

I have to go...the opportunity to enjoy a live performance by these guys is just too good to pass up. So does anyone else want to go?

A really big THANK YOU! to all my friends for lending me an ear (or eyes if you read my blog) and all the wonderful comments. After all your comments, getting the chance to talk to Sarah (from the GFS rock) last night, and Anita this afternoon, I am happy to report that I am doing much better! I have been able to vent, cry, vent some more, cry a lot more, and finally put it to rest. Thanks so much everybody. Nobody could possibly have better friends!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Money bothers me. Probably because I don't have any. When I do have it, I spend it.

I had to change banks because mine was stealing from me. At least, that's the way I see it. I bounced a cheque (oops!) and got dinged with the $35 NSF charge. That's fine - I was in the wrong. But dammit!, don't turn around and charge me another $15 overdraft when I don't have overdraft on my account and you don't cover the damn cheque, like overdraft is supposed to. Charges like that have appeared on my account a few times and I've had it with CIBC.

So, I moved my business to Scotiabank. I did some checking and they have the highest rating for customer service out of all the banks. I also got a loan to pay off my CIBC car loan, my "hands-in-my-pocket" blood-sucking Capital One CC, with enough left over for Elvis to get a new exhaust system, which he desparately needed (ask anyone who has recently driven in my truck). Unfortunately, the mechanic quoted me a total that was significantly lower than what they charged me after the installation. I wanted to ask him what the damn exhaust was made of, gold? But then I should have expected it. What mechanic doesn't try to bleed more money out of a victim ... I mean customer?

Because of this golden exhaust, I am now low on funds which jeopardizes "the trip". Well, it would if I had any sense. But I'm going anyway, dammit!

Christmas is particularly bad for money. I want so badly to buy amazing gifts for everyone to show how much I care. But I can't because I'm po'. That's ok this year though. I have actually made some kind of peace with myself regarding Christmas gifts and no money. Usually every year, I give my sister a business suit and lots of little things. I felt horrible that I couldn't do that this year. Now, not so much. I hope the people that I give gifts to will appreciate the sentiment rather than judge the gift, because I have decided to downgrade this year. I'm not saying that what I give will be crap - like a three arm hand knit sweater or a barbie-in-a-knit-dress toilet paper roll cover - it's just that they won't be as expensive and there won't be quite as many per person as in past years.

Anyway, just keep that in mind if you get a gift from me and you feel that you have to put a fake smile on your face when you thank me.

Do You Believe In Miracles?

I know I do.

And I know the people of Danvers, MA do.

At 2:50 AM, there was an explosion at a solvents and ink manufacturing company in Danvers. It obliterated the factory. There's nothing but debris there now.

The factory was surrounded by houses. While many houses we severely damaged - to the point that I can't believe they are still standing - there was NOT ONE FATALITY!

Can you believe it? Not one person died! And there has been very little chemical contamination in the surrounding area, including the river that runs only meters away!

Now that's a miracle!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Better Day

So, today is a better day. Granted I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by a truck, but now I am feeling so much better.

I've given all the comments left a lot of thought. First of all, I want to say thank you to my friends. Now, I know this sounds terrible, but I really hope it's jealousy that's motivating Amanda to act and say the things she does. Otherwise, the alternative is much worse. The alternative being that she is becoming more like the Greenfields - condescending, selfish, arrogant and treacherous.

My relationship with my sister was actually better when we lived under the same roof. We spent more time together back then. Since she has moved out, our interactions have become fewer and shorter. She spends the majority of her time with David, his family, and their friends. When we do spend time together, we end up at odds. I can make the best effort to avoid any topic that will cause tension and yet, I still somehow end up being belittled. It could be the most innocent thing, but she can turn it into a well placed dagger - the shelves a little too cluttered, dishes in the sink, no snacks on hand. What, you say? Yes, she has actually shit on me for not having anything for her to snack on when she's dropped over to use my computer to pay her bills or play a game or kill time.

She and David were actually commenting on the fact that my family (aunts, uncles, etc..) hadn't expressed any interest in their new house. Well, that could be because Amanda has very little to do with the family anymore, because she communicates very little with the family - i.e. she's never even said 'oh yeah, stop by anytime' to any member of our family. David's family has been involved from the very beginning. But that's because David and Amanda make a big deal about including David's family in every aspect of their lives. Not so much with our family. And yet Amanda and David feel justified in expressing their disappointment in being underwhelmed with our family's response.

So, what I am saying in a long, round-about way is that while I wish it was something as simple as jealousy, I fear that it has more to do with Amanda thinking we're not good enough, particularly me. Unless she needs something done and then we're just peachy.

I am not the kind of person that Amanda believes is her equal. I believe in right and wrong. I don't lie. I am extremely loyal and protective of my family and friends - God help anyone who tries to hurt them. I don't appreciate artifice. But I also don't have an expensive house, or car, or clothes or tastes. And that's what Amanda really appreciates in other people. Amanda surrounds herself with people who are fake and dole out false praise.

Basically: I know I am not perfect. In fact, I know I am not a terribly good person. I know I have a lot of flaws. And that I am a bitch. I know all these things. And, I think, knowing all these things today makes me a better person than I was yesterday. And most importantly, I have to stop allowing Amanda to make me feel worthless.

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Cesspool That Is My Life

So, tonight has just been the most perfect night. Around 7pm, my sister calls and "asks" me to come over and take pictures of the staircase at her new house. Why? Because it has dryrot and needs to replaces and is now gutted. She wants some before and after pictures. Why can't she take her own pictures, you ask. Because she and David are two of the laziest f%^&ing people I know. David has a damn digital camera. Amanda has my old Canon. And where are those cameras? At there respective houses on the Northside. Instead of wasting their gas and time, Amanda asks me to please come over and take a picture - that is waste my gas and time. They want digital ones. Whatever. I agree.

We get over there and my mother mentions Amanda taking care of the animals this weekend while we are away. Of course, my sister's response is the same old bullshit, but this time, with a twist! Well, I can come over a couple times during the day(wow! that's a change), but I can't stay over night because it's going to be my first night in the new house (and there's the zinger!). This immediately put my back up for several reasons. I was quick to point out that of every time in the past year that she has been asked to pet- sit, she has had some kind of excuse not to do it. In the past year, every time she has asked me or my mother to pet-sit for her, she's gotten a yes.

She expects favours done for her, but screw you if you expect her to reciprocate! I left the house immediately. I couldn't even stand to look at her face. If I'd stayed any longer, I probably would have punched her in the face. Some of you may think I'm exaggerating, but I'm not. When we were teens, my sister and I always physically fought. There are times when I still want to haul off and deck her. Tonight was a prime example. But what makes the whole exchange even more sickening is the tone of voice she used. Surprisingly, she managed to combine a tone of condescension with one of shock - it was almost a work of art.

To reinforce the one way street of our relationship, she ordered wine from a vinyard in California for her work Christmas party and had it delivered in NH. And guess who she expects to bring all this wine back to NB for her? Me, of course. But, oh, I shouldn't expect anything from her, specially not taking care of HER OWN FREAKING DOG while I am doing it! Did I mention that Lukey (the Newf) is her dog? The one that she spends NO TIME with, pays for NONE OF HIS FOOD, and generally ignores when she is here for something?

Added to all that, I have had to listen to my mother justify every remark and action of my sister's tonight. There's always a reason why I should be more sympathetic to the person who treats me like dirt. At least, that's the gospel according to my mother.

And the cherry on top of the whole shitty night?! On my way home from Amanda's house, I ran over a raccoon and had to watch it twitch in the street until it died.

I sooooo love my life right now.

Christmas Trimmings for the Blog

So what do you think of the new look?

Very festive, huh!?

My only complaint is that my Blogger Dashboard bar that sits at the top of the page is gone. I don't know how to make it come back with this template. Maybe someone knows what to do here?

Otherwise, I love it! She has some other great Christmas templates if anyone is interested. Tis the season!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

SO, I called my aunt in preparation for the trip to NH. Didn't get a hold of her, so I left a message. She calls me early Saturday morning, in the hopes of getting me out of bed. Nice, huh? Gotta love them!

IT's all set. We leave Friday, as soon as the Doodle is picked up and we come back Sunday afternoon. I have a list of store for Portland and Portsmouth! Why Portsmouth? WELL, the Fox Run Mall has a lot of the same stores I want to shop in Portland AND they have NO SALES TAX! So, we'll hit the Christmas Tree Shop and a couple of others in Maine, but head back to NH and shop in the tax-free state!

Can't wait! Oh! Oh! And I checked out the flyer for the Christmas Tree Shop for this week and it's even better than the one at the beginning of the month!

As a bonus, most of my cousins will be home that weekend too, for Thanksgiving and I will get to visit. As this may be one of my last trips down for a long time to come, I want to see as many people as possible. I've decided that since none of them can find their way here to visit or even to the freakin phone to call us, this is going to be the last visit from me for a while. It's been more than two years since my grandmother died and it's fallen to Mum, Amanda and I to continue contact with my dad's family. Enough's enough. It's gotta go both ways or no way at all.