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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Weird Ass Quilting Bee

Note:This post is going to jump around, so I hope it makes sense. There is no clear path to this post. I am Virginia Woolf tonight!

Wikipedia's definition of a quilting bee: A bee, as used in quilting bee, is an old word to describe a gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish a task.

So last night, Sue and I go to Nick's to help her out with "the quilt" - the beginning of the weird ass quilting bee.

We were each working on our projects ... Sue was cranking the squares out, I was hand quilting my table topper, and Nick was alternately sewing and fighting with the machine. By fighting, I mean, swearing and looking like she was going to throw the machine against the wall. At one point, Nick had to refill her bobbin. And something went wrong. So wrong, that she ended up wasting a ton of thread. To me, this is sacrilege. So much so, that I screeched at them. Literally!Ohmigod! The wastage! I'm sure Susan and Nick can describe it better. Obviously, that moment got replayed all evening.

But I was honest and told them that I am "like Krista" when it comes to quilting (love you Kris!). When Nick and Tori cut squares...well it was needless to say they weren't the squarest squares. That would drive me around the bend! Then the whole thread thing. The horrors! Ohmigod! Just thinking about it is freaking me out.

And the sewing machines! Oh how could I forget about those! Quite a variety! Sue's - a nicotine-kissed 20+ year old machine that belongs to her mother - worked flawlessly. Nicole's, borrowed from Tina, - compact, purred like a kitten - probably works well with an experienced seamstress. Mine - 10 years old, missing a foot so it's slightly lopsided, loud, and jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean - but never missed a beat!

I would say to Nick - don't give up hope. Do a second quilt. But the next time around, cut the backing fabric properly (that's what those newfangled cutters and mats are for), and you will see a huge difference in the ease of making the rag quilt.

And you know what? I think we should do the W.A.Q.B. again!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keep Clicking!

Well, it's now the 8th of November and I have a grand total of $18 with Adsense. In order to cash out, I have to hit $100.

Soooo......please keep on clicking on those ads! Anytime you pop onto the blog, just take a second to click on the ads.

Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

My Birthday

Well, since this particular cat is out of the bag, I might as well blog about it.

I actually had today off, since the Doodle was sick. I spent it sewing - getting a new quilt top ready - and watching the tube.

My sister took my mother and I out to supper at Dimitri's. LOVE that place, but, oh holy crap do I ever reek of garlic now!

Sarah K, who has been my best friend since jr high, sent me a card and gift in the mail (since she's stranded out on that foresaken rock known as Grand Manan). This was the card:

And this was the #1 reason.

I LOVE the little remark she wrote in...she knows me sooooo well. That is exactly what I would say!

The gift she sent me had bath bombs in it - can't wait to try them out - specially the cranberry & pomegranate and the green apple & juicy pear.

Oh! And my tiger! Most of you know I love cats and the tiger is my fave wild cat.

Thank you Sarah!

And thank you to all of you who sent me birthday wishes...including the two who felt they needed to put it on their blogs.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas Gifts

Here are a couple of the Christmas gifts I've made for the kids this year:

I'm really happy with the way Kayin's turned out.

I absolutely LOVE Jessie's.

Amanda's New House

Front of the house
The View

Side Entrance
The Pool

The TV Room
Stove Room

Dining Room
Bar Room

Downstairs Bath


Upstairs Hall

Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3

Upstairs Bath

Ok, so she gives us the grand tour. It's actually really beautiful. Some of the rooms obviously need work, like Satan's bathroom and the bar room.

Get this! For their house warming, they are registering at the liquor store! They want to be able to use the display in the bar room.

The laundry room is upstairs - makes sense right? Most everything your need to wash in upstairs anyway! The downstairs bath is having the tub ripped out and a claw foot put in it's place. I believe in Satan's bathroom, they are putting a shower in there. Adn they are talking about a hot tub at the side entrance.

And Amanda did quite well - she only talked down to me three times the whole hour we spent together! A new record for her.

She tells me on the way downstairs - "no putting this on the internet!" . Do I ever listen to her? Of course not! And I figured, why not? It's been posted on MLS for ages! Give me a break!

SO there it is. The beautiful home that she is going to live in with David. Lovely.