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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Social Retard Part Deux

Ok, after posting about my complete inability to make small talk, I thought 'hey, I can't be that bad! I must be exagerating. And I'm not likely to be in a situation like that any time soon.'

Fast forward to last night. Dee's Epicure party. Ok, I REALLY AM SOCIALLY HANDICAPPED!

I drive out to Dee's, I'm late as usual (got held up at Home Hardware, busy, busy!) and I walk in to a house full of women I DO NOT KNOW! Sorry, I lie. I know one other person (other than Dee) - the Epicure rep! You can see where this is going right?

I am not disparaging anybody at the party - they were wonderful women! They weren't the problem. They could all conduct themselves like normal people. It's me and my complete lack of social skills!

So, I take a seat. And after I am sitting, I realise that I have chosen the seat farthest away from everyone! Ok self, let's reinforce that isolated feeling. Then, I don't speak, unless I'm asked a direct question that demands a response.

After a while, I did relax enough to talk a little bit. And I talked to Dee's girls - not hard to do when you're on the receiving end of an inquisition - quite literally. Jessie peppered me with questions towards the end of the party - about the halloween party, about taking care of Lauren, am I having a baby?, if I'm not, then which one of Mommy's friends is? - just about anything. She's a very curious child. Just thinking about all the quesitons makes me chuckle.

Anyway, long story short: You can't take me anywhere. I can't take myself anywhere. And I am sure all of Dee's family and friends think I am some sort of social moron. Which is well deserved.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Flying Colours

Well, Lukey had a checkup today at the vet. Dr. Lewis is amazing with him. And she doesn't try to upsell, like a lot of other vets around town.

She had a listen to his heart and his lungs. The term she used for the sound of his heart was "a washer." His murmur is still growing worse, but that's to be expected. His lungs sound fine - no fluid on them, which is a real threat for a dog of Lukey's size and heart condition.

Now, she is learning a new software for the ultrasound machine and offered a free heart ultrasound within the next month or so, which is great! And at that time, we will have his rads done.

He's almost seven years old, has a severe heart condition, and he's still kicking! Any other dog would have bit the dust by now! But not my Lulu!

Missing Manners

Ok, yesterday, while eating turkey dinner, I had a horrible epiphany!

I cannot make small talk!

No, I am very serious!

I am small-talk retarded!

We were at David's house for supper last night(oye!) - turkey and all the fixins' - and he, Amanda, Mum, and Amanda's co-worker were all talking about crap. Inane conversation! And it hit me as I was forking food in my mouth, that I really hadn't contributed to the conversation at all. All these other people were making meaningless small talk. AND I COULDN'T DO IT!

I know the lack of discourse on my end was partly due to being publicly rebuked by my sister in the past. But when I think about it, chit chat has never been my forte. I'm like Mr.Darcy in Pride and Prejudice! I can't observe the simplest social niceties so I appear proud and, well, snobby.

I am a complete social leper!

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I decided to take some pics of North Tay today...I went to places a haven't been to since I was a kid! Most of the red is gone as it was a VERY early fall. But I did manage to get a few autumn pictures.