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Friday, September 08, 2006

This post will be quick, cuz I wanna go to bed ASAP.

What the hell was Janelle wearing last night? Honestly, were all the mirrors in the house broken?

That's it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Big Brother Rumbles

Well, last night was one for the books!

I will admit that I NEVER read posts about the live feeds. But yesterday I had to break down and do it. Since we were at the BEPs Sunday night, we missed BB. So, I had to come up to speed on what happened. I found the synopsis on CBS a little wanting. So, I read Reality Shack's Live Feed Recap. Holy crap! I have to say that I really have a hate on for Boogie now. But that is a totally different thing. First, about last night's episode.

Howie. What can I say? I am completely disappointed in him. What did George say? That he was an eight year old in a thirty-six year olds body? I don't think he was acting with an eight year olds maturity, more like a five year old. Last year, I was able to justify his outburts towards April as strategy, to break her down. But his behaviour last night at the sequester house was inexcusable. There was no strategy involved, only the spoiled, immature behaviour of an insecure boor.

Marcellas. He's just as bad as Howie. He's constantly needling Howie, like a petulant child. I'm sick of it. He gives all divas a bad name.

Dr.Will....I am of two minds on this. I am very disappointed to see him go. I LOVE Will. He is the ultimate game player! But it's like he told Julie, you can't control every aspect of the game. He managed to play Janelle and Erica as long as he could. On the other hand, I am happy to see his go, because it means that the girls woke up and smelled the nasty plot. They FINALLY compared notes and saw Will for the 'Puppet Master' that he is and Boogie for the slimy worm that he is. It will be interesting to see what happens at the sequester house when Will walks through the door.

Booger. I was half expecting him to have a tantrum after WIll was voted out. Well, he sort of did when he gave up on the HoH competition. He just sat there like a baby, sulking on the couch. I have to ask, what the f#%* do women see in this guy? He's a pig!

Which leads me to the live feeds recap. This, to me, really shows how truly low and scumbaggy Booger really is. And it actually lowers my opinion of Will, as well. The big joke in the house, which they never really aired on the show last night, was 'Erika's Ticking Biological Clock'. I feel sorry for Erika, not because she had been stupid up to this point, but because she actually believed Booger wanted to have a baby with her. Will started the whole thing, suggesting the Booger and Erika should have a baby. And Booger has played on that. It's now become a joke of how she's getting older and her eggs are going tick, tick, tick.

Now that Janelle has removed her head from her ass and is playing the game with some clarity, I am back to hoping she wins the whole thing. I know Erika won't get the votes ... but if she can be believed, she will be happy with second place and the $50,000. The only one I don't want to win is Booger. He does not deserve to win. He rode Will's coat tails til now. And he is a truly pathetic little man. He hasn't done anything to warrant winning the game.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The BEP Adventure

Was a blast! We left here shortly after 6pm Saturday evening and arrived on the island shortly after 10PM. When we got there, and while the girls settled in, Nick and I went to the local Chinese Restaurant and ordered takeout then brought it back to the room. There we had a feast of chinese, cookies, and drinks. And some karaoke. Unfortunately.

The next morning, we all got up and got ready, then headed into Chalorttetown. The desk clerk told us that if we took the Charlottetown By-Pass highway, it would cut off a lot time and hassle. He was right! We were there within 10 minutes and had a great parking space. We walked to the nearest Tim Horton’s, after getting some spotty directions from the lot attendant. But we did manage to get there and have a quick breakfast before heading back to the CDP. While the others walked back to the truck to get the backpack and the blanket , I went ahead to the CDP lot and got in line. By the time I got there, the line was really starting to grow. When the girls finally arrived, we spread out the blanket and sat and talked while waiting for the gates to open.

I have to say at this point that the event was very poorly organized. Most of the negatives we experienced had nothing to do with the bands and everything to do with the aweful organization of the event staff.

The gates were scheduled to open at noon. They opened at almost 1:30. You had to go through a checkpoint, where they confiscated all food and drinks with the exception of one bottle of water per person. There was also the threat of being patted down, so you couldn’t take ‘contraband’ like cameras, liquor, etc... Well, there was no way I was going in there without my I put it in my bra. I figured it was safe there. Since we were there with Tori, we got to go in the family line, so it was much faster. When we got in, we staked out an area right in front of the equipment tower. We THOUGHT it would be an ideal spot. All it was was a highway. I don’t know how many people walked over the blanket instead of the grass right beside it.

So, the first act was supposed to start at 1:45. It started at 3pm. By this time, we were all starting to get a little crispy even with sunblock. By the end of the night, we were fried! But the BEPs were worth it! Stabilo was up first and it’s surprising the number of songs that they have put that you recognise. Then, after a 20 minute wait, Mobile was up. We recognized ONE song, which was the last one they played. After another 20 minute wait, The Philosopher Kings were onstage...I love the PKs. They are a great band and great stage performers.

Finally, at almost 7:30 the real show started ....with the Pussycat Dolls opening the show. We couldn’t see a f*%#ing thing! We had packed up our little blanket island and moved up in the crowd before they came on. It was hot, crowded, and cramped. Once the PCD came on, it got worse. People had children and women on their shoulders so we couldn’t see past them. Then people just started to get pushier and ruder. At one point, Nicole had to catch me because three skinny chicks actually pushed me out of their way and I ended up tripping on the black rubber mats on the ground covering the stage wiring. We were starting to get worried about the crowd, specially since Tory was with us. So we moved back to the tower again. People just kept moving in and pushing us around, trying to get closer to the stage. Eventually, we moved over to the side of the crowd and had a much better view of the stage.

The BEP’s made the whole day worthwhile! They rocked the place! The Black Eyed Peas really know how to entertain a crowd. Of course, they had the big screen, so we could see them singing. I managed to get some great pictures of the group. My biggest challenge was getting a pic of Taboo - every time I snapped a pic, they panned the camera off him. Finally did get a couple. Here are some of the highlights for me:
Will.I.Am spent a good portion of the time praising Canada and all its fine qualities ...expressing hopes that the US will one day be more like us. Fergie sang her single ‘London Bridge’ which was awesome...and I was really impressed with the BEP’s for hyping her album.
I think the highlight of the act was when Fergie sang G’N’R’s Sweet Child. It was amazing! Most of the crowd around us consisted of ‘younger’ people who didn’t have one sweet clue what she was singing and were staring at Nick, Sarah, Robin and I when we sang along with her at the tops of our lungs! We stuck around for part of the encore...we really wanted to hear ’My Hump’, which they sang after ‘Don’t Phunk With My Heart’...then we started out of the park(...we wanted to beat the rush). As we walked to the gate and of the park, we sang along to ‘Let’s Get Retarded’.

Sarah made a point to mention Tori. And I have to do the same. She freakin’ ROCKS! She was so patient with all us old ladies. Specially when her mother embarassed her with the singing and arm waving and dancing. Tori handled it with much more aplomb than I would have if it had been my mother. My only regret is that she didn’t get to see more of the concert ... she’s a little on the short side ... and couldn’t see very well, over all the other concert-goers.