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Friday, August 25, 2006

On Bush's Iraq speech from the past three years

I LOVE Jon Stewart! He cuts through Bush's bullshit and tells it like it is! He doesn't rant. Ranting makes it easy to dismiss a person's arguement. No, he uses humour. And makes people pay attention. All while giving us a good laugh.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Those Pains

About 6 years ago, the summer Neeter and her then dumbass husband were celebrating their 5th(?) anniversary, I suffered. And I mean, SUFFERED.

I was under a lot of pressure from the evil hag boss who delighted in making my life hell. I spent most of that summer in agony. My abdomen cramped ALL THE TIME! I was always running a fever and pale as a ghost. It was horrible. The pain would ease up a bit once in a while, but then come back with a vengence.

I spent most of my free time on the couch, stretched out as far as I could, cuz that seemed to make the pain more bearable. When I wasn't there, I was at work. I really couldn't take any sick time, because first of all, I never had sick time - it wasn't offered where I worked, and secondly, if I had taken a lot of time off, it would have been the excuse the evil bitch hag was looking for to fire me. So I would drag myself to work almost every day and work my shift, only to return home in more pain than when I left.

That was also the summer that we went to Gros Morne. About a week before we were to leave, I broke the news to my sister that if I still felt just as sick, there was no way I could make through two weeks camping in Gros Morne. She wasn't happy, or very sympathetic for that matter. But the week went by and day by day I seemed to improve. By the time we were ready to hit the road to Newfoundland, I was miraculously better!

I should interject here that I underwent extensive testing that summer. Almost every GI and blood test they had. The blood tests indicated inflammation somewhere. Brace yourselves, this is where it gets TMI. The colonoscopy showed areas of inflammation. But why? The doctors just couldn't find a reason. They put me on Asacol, which I took diligently.

But it wasn't until AFTER that Gros Morne vacation that I realized what my problem was. The doctors had ruled out Crohn's, Colitis, et al. The pains had miraculously vanished. Until I got back to work. And then I started having 'episodes' of pain. Brief periods of those pains.

I've always had problems with depression, even as a child. My teen years were horrible. I knew even in my twenties that I was depressed, but my doctor just refused to treat it. And after that Gros Morne vacation, it hit me. The only times I was getting those recurrent pains was when I had to deal with a really bad spot at work. My relationship with my boss got so bad that I was in tears every night. I was in real physical pain when I had to deal with that blight to humanity.

My pains were physical symptoms of my depression.

I started having those pains again today. Why? Money. Money stresses me to the max. Money is very short right now, and I just got thrown a financial curve ball today. Hence the return of the pain. Recognising the pain for what it was helped me step back and try to deal with that stress a little better. The pain is still there, just not as bad as it was.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

COUNTDOWN! ... Halloween is 71 DAYS!!!!! Christmas is 136 DAYS!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Prison Break is on TONIGHT!!!
Prison Break Season 2

Bye, Bye Jackie

My cousin Jack passed away last week. He's..he was my mom's cousin, my second cousin. Jack's mother and mom's father were siblings.

When my mom came back from the hospital last Friday, she told me that he had died in the night. I was shocked! I didn't realize he was that bad. Most people didn't realize it. He was doing so well with his recovery. But he just passed on in his sleep that night.

Poor Steven...I feel so bad for him. He and Jack have been together for so many years. And he's been so awesome. For the last year and a half, after Jack had his ankle surgeries, he took wonderful care of Jack.

I have a special spot in my heart for Jack and Steven. When my dad died, they made a whole turkey dinner, right down to the gravy and rolls. Not just a single casserole or salad, but a complete meal. They brought it over to help feed the my dad's family when they arrived from NH for the funeral. And they were always so great to Mum. Whenever they had parties, and it was often, they always had her over. At the holidays, when Aunt Norah and Cousin Karen were up from Saint John, they always had Mum, Joan, Amanda and I over for dinner.

When we went to the visitation, I was shocked to see the changes in Aunt Norah (Jack's mother). I hadn't see her in a couple of years. She stopped dying her hair. She's completely silver now - it looks good on her! And I couldn't help but cry, because she looks so much like my Grampy.

I just wish I had gone to the hospital to see Jack. I kept putting it off, thinking there was going to be plenty of time. I, better than anyone else, should know that's a lie.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Woohoos Won't Leave Me Alone!

Yes, I said they won't leave me alone!

Last week, they called me to shop a Woohoos in Saint John! I said ok, after she mentioned that they would pay me $55 mileage on top of the fee and reimbursement. So, I actually signed up for a second job that day. I figured that since I was going to be down there, I might as well do two as opposed to one job.

THEN, they called tonight! And asked me to do one in Quispamsis! Extra $$ for the mileage! I said yes. Thank goodness it's only an hour each way.

I should check and see if Reine de Lait needs any shops done down there....