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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Countdown Begins!

Yes, I have started to countdown...FOR HALLOWEEN!

Only 86 days left!

I have already started the planning. Once again, I will have a party for the kids and I just may have to do a few things for the parents.

I have actually learned a lot from a guy in CA who does a yard haunt every's once of his pics.

Friday, August 04, 2006


Well, the last two days confirm it.

Lauren needs two naps a day. Despite the teething and diaper rash, she has been an angel! Yes, she still has her moments. But wouldn't you if you had what is basically a rock ( made of calcium) protruding through your gum and a rash all over your bird and butt?

She's been sunny, happy, and fun. Very little crabbiness. That mainly comes when we are approaching nap time, of course.

Today, we went on a picnic for lunch. I got all her food together, got out a blanket and my camera, we picked up lunch for me and off we went. Granted, we didn't go far, but we had fun! We parked beside the rugby club and walked down to the northside Green.

Shhh...don't tell her mother, but Lauren had some french fries and a bit of chicken. All mushed up, of course! The chicken was extremely tender, so I figured she could munch on some.

Got lots of pictures. I have to admit, I love the Colour Accent feature on my camera. Specially when I taking pictures of the Doodle. If you haven't checked out my flickr pics, you should. There aren't many, as I have to be selective with how many I upload until I get a Pro account, which is unlimited.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Diaper Rash, Naps, Teeth, and Calgon, Why Won't You Take Me Away!

I gotta say. Today was the first REALLY BAD DAY with Lauren. And it wasn't her fault. I mean, she was doing her regular impy things. But that wasn't the reason for the day from hell.

When I did the first diaper change of the day this morning, I almost had a heart attack! Lauren had diarrhea and it must have been EXTREMELY acidic because she had the WORST case of diaper rash I have seen on her. It was red, angry, swollen, and obviously very painful when I cleaned her up. The poor little munchkin had to be in serious pain. She's also cutting a tooth - an upper incisor. Another factor in the diarrhea and diaper rash trauma.

Her mother suggested cutting her down to one nap. So, Tuesday, I started changing her napping schedule to eventually get her to an early afternoon nap.

That was the cherry on the sundae of today. She was so tired, that everything was an issue for the munchkin. From hearing the word 'No' to tipping off her foam chair. Everything made her cry. Nothing could happen and she would cry. She was so overtired by her afternoon nap that she couldn't stop crying and fall asleep. Eventually she did, but she was still tired when she had to get up.

What do you think she did?

Yup, you got it. She cried. While I was changing her diaper, I figured I would just take her upstairs and let her roam around without a diaper, to help her rash. So, I bring her upstairs with a diaper loosely around her - so she won't pee on me - pick up a yoghurt from the fridge to soothe her tooth and come around the corner and who should be at my front door? Her grandmother. I'm thinking, Oh crap, she probably thinks I'm torturing her grandbaby.

Anyway, Nana and Cousin Jilly had come to pick her up to go play in the pool. Well, Lauren NEVER stopped crying. She immediately went to Nana, arms stretched out. Debbie diapered her up and Lauren NEVER stopped crying. Then she wanted to come to me. I held her and soothed her a bit and then Nana took her back so they could leave. She NEVER stopped crying. They were on the front step and Lauren kept stretching her arms out to me, crying. I felt SOOOOOO friggin bad. The poor little munchkin was having such a bad day.

So, the verdict?

She's only a year old Thursday. She's keeping her morning and afternoon naps - at least, here with me. She cannot make it all morning or all afternoon without one. And neither can my nerves! And Calgon sucks! Cuz it never took me away in a swirly tidal pool like the ad always promised.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

So, what have you been eating at lunch?

I have to share this article from Canadian Living with you.

Now this is something Princess and I have discussed before and it totally grossed us out. It's going to make you reach for the disinfectant wipes.

Thought you were eating alone at your desk each lunch hour? Think again. Research shows that thousands of bacteria are joining you. A recent study found that computer keyboards had an average of 3,769 bacteria per square inch, desktops, 5,015 and phones, 5,585! That's not surprising when you consider that everything on your desk gets touched by you and anyone passing by or sharing your work space.

If you're like many people who are too busy to go out to eat, choosing instead to munch away while you work, those bacteria are leaping from the phone to your hand to your sandwich to your mouth. And they're not going to leave quickly: research shows that some bacteria can hang around your cubicle for weeks. So, before you eat your next meal at your desk, pull out the disinfectant and give your hands and work space a thorough cleaning.

Now if that doesn't give you the hebe-jebes, I don't know what would. Just wait. The next time you are about to put something in your mouth while sitting in front of your computer, you will hesitate.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Flickr Girl!

I am now a Flickr girl.

I don't have the hang of the whole writing code thing, so the best I can do is add it to my links. Eventually I will add an thumbnail with my latest image. But for now, this is fine.

I started with Phanny...a few cute pics. Check them out!

Movie Reviews

I rented two movies this weekend - She's The Man and Ultraviolet.

I have to be honest and say that I assumed that She's The Man would be cute, but not much else and that Ultraviolet would be awesome. I couldn't have been more wrong!

She's The Man rocked! It's a modern version of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. If you liked Clueless, then you will like She's The Man. Amanda Bynes plays Viola, a soccer player at her Cornwall high school. Her team gets cut, the coach won't let her play on the guys team, and her soccer captain boyfriend totally disses her in front of everybody. Fortunately for Viola, her twin brother Sebastian skips town to play in a rock contest in Jolly Old England, so Viola has the chance to butch up and take his place at Illyria, Cornwall's soccer rival. There, she meets Duke, her roommate and fellow soccer teammate who has the hots for Victoria, a fellow Illyria schoolmate who has the hots for Sebastian/Viola. Well, I'm sure you can tell where this is going. It's worth a watch. Lots of laughs and head shaking.

Ultraviolet was disappointing to me. If you're into CGI, then this is the movie for you. Because half of this movie is computer animation. I find it diappointing when films tend to use computer animation to carry a movie. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was a hybrid vampire movie. A scientist genetically alters an Eastern European virus that infects people when they come in contact with infected blood. The infected are called hemophages and they exhibit classic signs of vampirism, like sun sensitivity, the teeth, and the ability to rapidly heal, but they do not feed on people, they require blood transfusions. This movie has a lot of themes - genocide, dictatorship, darwinism, and the maternal bond - that being the predominate storyline. Violet(Milla Jovovich) was infected in her ninth month of pregnancy. After years of being a lab rat, all she wants is a cure for her disease. In an attempt to save her life and that of other hemophages, she discovers a plot that isn't what it seems, a little boy to save, and her own salvation.

And that's it for now.

I am sure I will have to post some pics of the itty, bitty kitty later today.