My little buddy

Friday, July 28, 2006


Boston and Phanny(?) have just discovered each other.

Boston really isn't very friendly to other cats. Just dogs. Go figure? But at 17 years old, she has the right to choose.

Trip's Home!

Well, after our committee meeting last night, I went out to Deane's to pick Trip up.

She's doing soooooo well, health-wise. She's now on soft food and water. Using the litter box like a pro. And scaring the bejesus out of my 15 lb tomcat.

Yes. I just said that she is scaring the crap out of my HUGE black cat, Buddy. She actually chased him around the house last night. She then went ballistic when she saw Lukey. Hissing, arching her back, growling, spitting. Not just at Lukey and Buddy, but at me too. I now bear a scratch on my chin for my efforts at comforting her.

Today, she has stationed herself under my bed:

Please ignore the dust bunnies under my bed, keeping her company. With two dogs and two cats, it's inevitable. And my bedframe is just too damn low for me to clean under it.

She spent the night in the cat carriers. I put one of my shirts in the biggest cat carrier for a bed. Added some food and water. In the smaller carrier, I put a tray of cat litter. I took the doors off the carriers and then squished the openings together. Sort of like a two room kitty apartment. I then put a towel over it, to block out her view of the cats and dog.

Musta worked because this morning she was friendly and playful. Until she saw Buddy. And now she's back to hissing and spitting at all of us.

She's been through so much. The poor little thing is traumatized. I know it will take time for her to adjust. I just hope she can.

And on to my new topic. Girls, I think we may have to rename her. Mel, Nick, and Kris, what do you think of Phanny? I only suggest this because Deane and her girls were calling her Little Orphan Annie. I personally hate the name Annie. But I can definitely see her as a Phanny, short for Orphan. What do you think?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Things I remember about my dad...

The Good

  • the biggest and bestest thing was coming home from junior high school to find a cassette and a rented video of Dirty Dancing on my bed. He and my mom went to bingo and left us at home so my sister and I could watch it by ourselves.
  • giving me a double bed without having to ask.
  • giving me lengths of ribbons to hold back my hair. I used to hang them beside my bedroom door on my telephone.
  • putting a telephone in my bedroom without even asking for it - a teenage girls dream.
  • taking me shopping for a jean jacket for the upcoming school year. That was when Sears was downtown on Queen Street.
  • teaching me how to swim at Ossippee Lake
  • Christmas - it was the BEST holiday of the year - decorations, the tree, candy, stockings, presents, visiting family and friends - he made it all happen
  • playing with us on the couch, no matter how tired he was.
  • watching TV with him - shows like Knight Rider, the A-Team, Battlestar Galactica
  • hugging me, kissing me, telling me he loved me.

The Bad

  • hiding from him when my sister tattled on me
  • being put on a diet before my teens because I had baby fat
  • being ridiculed because I read a lot
  • not being able to participate in school trips because there would be boys on them
  • not being encouraged to participate in school sports and extra-curricular activities
  • being "spanked' with the paddle
  • the paddle, a long hardwood spoon, hanging on the basement door
  • my father breaking my miniature tea set that my grandmother had given me
  • being slapped in the face for yelling at my father for breaking the tea set
  • listening to my father yell at my mother
  • watching my father chase my mother around the house for defending me
  • watching my father throw a beer bottle at my mother for defending me
  • his drinking
  • his taunts and insults
  • the flat of his hand
  • his fist

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Card

So I decided to give my cousin hand-made, stamped thank you cards for her wedding gift. That way her mother wouldn't have to pay for them. And it's something personal. From me to her.

I kept the design simple, since Dianne doesn't know the difference between polished stone and Pearl-ex. And I honestly don't think she will appreciate the amount of work and thought that went into them.

So here it is:

I made 75 of these puppies. Really enjoyed doing it, even though I had to ink two different parts of one stamp. Took a while to get the flowers done, but I think it turned out wonderful.

I actually could have gotten these finished Saturday before the wedding, but I didn't get the 'thank you' stamp from Shelley until today. She left it at her parents house - you know, the squatters in my backyard- with instructions for her mother to call 'Jeanette'. I never got a call, but I got an e-mail from Shelley that her mother had the stamp set. I asked Shelley's father this afternoon if I could get the stamp set from him. He was a little confused - not unusual when it comes to any questions I have in relation to the "crafty stuff". He searched the house and couldn't find the set anywhere. Finally, he called Shelley's mother and got to the bottom of the mystery. You see, there are two Jeanettes in our stampers group and the other one works with Shelley's mother. She thought the stamp set was supposed to go to her co-worker, not her neighbour!

But I did get the set and I finished the cards and they're ready to go! Thanks to Shelley!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Road Trip and Trip

Well, today was our big Road Trip! And what a day it was!

It didn't start out particularly well for me. I had left my truck windows open yesterday - just the front ones. Needless to say, the front seats were SOAKED! Had to clean those up a bit and pad them with towels. THEN, I lost my leather sandal under the deck. There is a gap between the house and the deck and didn't my shoe slip off as I was dragging stuff into the house? I was in such a foul mood, there was no way I was crawling in there to get it. THEN we were late going to meet Mel at Keswick Landing - by at least 15 minutes.

THEN, at the government garage just above the dam, on the side of the road was a little, bitty kitten, abandoned. We drove right by it and Nick piped up, saying she thought there was a kitten on the side of the road. SO, we went back just to make sure. Sure enough there was. She was soaked to the skin, cold, all bones. Poor little thing. None of the residents in the area had a female cat, so we tried to decide what to do with the poor thing. Obviously we couldn't take her to Maine with us! I was willing to drive back into town and leave her with one of my aunts until we got back, then I would take care of her. Mel vetoed this. She WASN'T going back to town. BUT she has a friend who lives in Keswick Ridge who rescues animals. We booted it over there and left the poor little baby with her for the day. So, collectively, she is our cat, but she is going to live with me. We decided we all had to name her. We are leaning towards Trip. Because we were on a road trip when we discovered her.

At this point, we are 40 minutes behind schedule. But who cares? It's a girly road trip!

We eventually made it to Presque Isle. I have never been there, so the ride alone was something else. But it was enjoyable, despite the rain!

We hit the Wal-Mart Supercenter first. This is where we did most of the damage. By damage, I mean this:

This is what four women and a lot of cash can accomplish!

We then went to Taco Bell for lunch! Muy bien! Or should I say muy yummy! Love it! Specially the chalupas. Nick was a TB virgin and she loves it now!

Then we headed to the Aroostook Mall and walked miles in search of the perfect toaster. Not one GD place had a red (blue for me) 4 slice toaster! But we still managed to purchase some stuff! Krista scored some great scrubs at a small uniform shop - ON SALE! That was the mission of the day. What could we get that was ON SALE. I picked up the cutest handbag, blue, for $6.00 at the Big K, along with some scarves for my hair. We then hit Staples and then we were on the road to Houlton!

We stopped at the Wal-Mart in Houlton so Mel and Nick could get some milk. And Lee's cooler that he REALLY wanted. And Sarah's blouse that she REALLY wanted. Then dropped Nick and Mel at the Dunkin Donuts while Kris and I went to the Irving to gas up and check for Andy Capp Fries that my sister REALLY wanted. Ya know, we did a lot of shopping for other people down there! We picked up Mel and Nick and were off again to the border.

The border. Well that was an experience. We get to the booth and she asks us all the typical questions like place of residence, how long have you been in the US, etc... Then asks us "And what is the total of goods you are returning with?" My reply, in a sheepish voice: "Ummmm, a thousand?" She just stares at us. We laugh. She starts laughing. And gives us the Yellow Slip. In we go to the Border Patrol to pay our duty and taxes.

Wasn't too painful. I only paid $3.90. Of course, the clothes I bought were all Made In The U.S.A. and most of my purchases were grocery. Ahh, the groceries. My childhood. Well, that's a whole other blog! I'm not going to reveal who paid the most, right Nick? Let's just say, thank goodness we weren't over there longer!

Anyway, we're on the road again, cuz we're excited to see our kitten. We stop at Deane's house and to see Trip(?) and she is doing SOOOOOOO much better. Deane said that if we hadn't stopped for the bitty kitty, she wouldn't have made it through to the next day. She is still recuperating with Doc Deane, but will soon be able to come to her new home.

All in all, we had an AWESOME time! We're already talking about the next trip. Gotta save my sheckles. We laughed, we talked, we spent lots of moola, and we're set to do it all again! Maybe in a couple of months. This time Sarah will have to come with us. Cuz she's never going to believe what happened to us on this Road Trip!