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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Wedding.

I apologize if I may type something inapropriate, bitchy, or perhaps spelling mistakes. I am a little bit tipsy. Just got back from my cousin's wedding, and one of my uncle's was buying rounds.

Anyway, a good time was had by all. Specially us nasty Wilsons. We took the time to snark some things. But honestly, some of it was well deserved.

Here are a few of the new Emily Post's Rules of Wedding Etiquette:

1) The bride may drink Aquafina water at the alter.

2) The bride may pull and tug at her inappropriately sized wedding dress.

3) The groom's sister should operate the CD player playing the wedding music.

4) Said groom's sister is always allowed to hike up her skirt to fan herself, thereby flashing everybody in the church.

5) The bride and groom should look at everyone in the church instead of each other when saying their vows.

That's REALLY mean, but it happened!

I must share some pictures:

This is Joan, Mum, Sharon, Norah, Mary and Grammy.

Grammy and Little Mary - one of the bride's sister.

Donna, Mother of the Bride. She worked herself to the bone!

This is the Father of the Bride, Irvine. Cleans up well, huh?

This is the bride, Dianne and her father, Irvine. The father-daughter dance.

This last pic is of my uncle and aunt - Jim and Nellie. All Jim needs is a heavy gold chain and diamond pinkie ring. What was he thinking? Button up the shirt!

Friday, July 21, 2006


I willingly admit that I am a PROCRASTINATOR! But in my book, that is a good thing!

I do some of my best work under pressure. I'll rephrase. I do MOST of my best work under pressure.

So, I came up with this idea a couple of months ago for my cousin's wedding gift. You see, my cousin doesn't have two nickels to rub together, but decided earlier this year that she and her fiance were going to have a big wedding. So, she made her own invitations on the computer. When I received mine, all I could ask myself was "Why didn't she ask ME to do them?" Or better yet "Why didn't she ask a monkey to do them?" They were that bad. She is also relying on my aunts to provide the flowers for this shindig. Her mothers side of the family is providing the food. It's pot luck. So, I figured I could make the thank you cards that she will be needing after the wedding, and that will save her mother the expense.

I've had months to make these babies. Have I? NO! That wouldn't be me. When do I start making them? Tonight. Less than 12 hours before the wedding! Doh! But ya know what? They are turning out GRRRREAT! I have to borrow a 'thank you' stamp from Shelley tomorrow morning and stamp it on the cards and I'm good to go! Oh, and pick up the envelopes. But that won't take long. I will post a pic tomorrow when they are done and you can see what I came up with.

Remember that these cards are for someone who doesn't know the difference between postage stamps and rubber stamps. So, I kept the design simple. But pretty. The cards are creased, cut, stamped, and ready to be folded, as soon as I get that 'thank you' stamped on the front. Just that one last step.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

No More Woohoos For ME!

Yes! I said it!

No more Woohoos for me. I shopped one out in Oromocto tonight and on the way home, I started feeling really gross. By the time I got home, I was ready to barf and various other functions.

So, bottled water and rest have let me feeling somewhat better. I can at least sit up without too much pain. All I can say is that $10 is not worth this. I REFUSE to shop Woohoos anymore!

Added to the sickness factor is the screw me over factor. They approved two shops I did earlier this month and have now rejected. Their reason? You can't shop the same place two months in a row. Well, I guess they shouldn't have approved the paperwork! So, I am out the $$ spent on the food and gas.

I've stated clearly to them that since they will be benefitting from the results of my rejected shops, I expect to be paid. I actually don't expect that. I know that it won't happen. But it gives me the excuse not to do the shop I am scheduled for tomorrow.

No more! Tonight was the last trip to that place.

I am free at last!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Eating at Woohoos

Well, they're pretty desparate for someone to shop a couple of locations. One is local, so that's not too bad. But one is in Woodstock! To get me to do it, they added in a $30 bonus, for gas$$. They actually called me at home! If they paid for my gas, I would be willing to do some of the other smaller locations, like Atholville and Grand Falls.

Also, I have signed up to be a shopper for another fast food place - reine de lait??? Anyway, it's seems better. I only have to order a burger, drink, and "snowstorm". Nothing deep fried. Unless I want to. And that's the great thing about this particular company! You can order other things to go with it and not be penalized. AND you can eat with someone. At Woohoos, it has to be solo. Nothing like a fat chick pigging out on a "big hoo" and fries all by herself!

Now, if I could just find Subway and KFC, I would be set!