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Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Woohoos" and other crap

So, last night, I has to shop another "Woohoos". By "Woohoos", I mean 'you know where'. Are you following me? I can't say where online. Don't want to lose this great job! The mall location. The whole time I am standing there in line, I am watching people at Manchu Wok walk by and smelling the food. It was making my mouth water! I soooo wanted to pop over into the other line. It looked so goooood. Specially when I knew what was waiting for me at "Woohoos".

But I persevered! I stayed in line! I knew that what I was doing was for the greater good. Ok, maybe not the greater good. More like the greater bank account.

But it would have been so much easier to go slip into that other line and have some steamed rice and stir-fry. Just thinking of what lay ahead of me made me lose my appetite. Of course, I didn't really know what lay ahead of me. I got to the cash, and what should assault my olfactory senses with a sledgehammer-like quality? Grease! Lots of it. Disproportionate amounts of it!

Oh yes! What a treat! They were cleaning out the deep-fryer! Yummy!

And, of course, they're never very quick at that location. Nooooooo. For fast food, it wasn't very fast! So, I got to stand right there and soak it all up! Literally. I think I left smelling like I worked there. And, as you know, nothing clings like the scent of deep-fried fat!

And I get to do it all over again tonight! At another location! This time, it's dine-in AND drive-thru! A double dose! Yay! As I type this, my arteries are screaming and pleading with me "For the love of God, Jeanette, we .... just ... can't ... do ... it!".

And I get to do it Friday night and Saturday, for lunch AND supper!

Oh well, I am due for a heart attack soon anyway.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tasty Tuesday!

Another Tuesday, another recipe.

Seeing as how this is summer, I thought I would go with the season. In the summer, we always BBQ or picnic and what's a BBQ or picnic without coleslaw? Now, I know that everybody has a recipe for coleslaw, but this one rocks. It's Dixie Lee Coleslaw. I personally do not like colseslaw, with the exception of this recipe. It's one that belonged to my great-aunt, who passed it down to my mother, and now I make it. This recipe is a little labour intensive and makes a lot! A large bowl! So, if you're making it just for your family, I would suggest halving the recipe, or you're going to have a lot of leftovers.

Dixie Lee Coleslaw

1 grated or finely diced cabbage
1/2 tsp salt
2 grated carrots
1/2 large green pepper, finely diced
1 small onion, finely diced
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp vinegar
1/2 cup canola oil
2-1/2 cups coleslaw dressing

Toss vegetables and salt in a large bowl.

In a small bowl, combine the last four ingredients.

Pour over the vegetables and stir until evenly coated.

Allow to sit for at least two hours before serving. (It's best if it can sit overnight in the refrigerator before serving.)


Monday, July 03, 2006

Word Google

Well, it's Word Google day again!

And in honour of the summer, the word I am going to google is: watermelon.

1. The National Watermelon Organization. A site devoted to promoting watermelons. Why do you need to promote such a tasty melon? Does it have a bad wrap somewhere? Who doesn't love watermelon? This site has some great ideas and interesting recipes. It might be worth checking out.

2. Watermelon...ok the tagline has me a little confused..."Comedienne. Baker. Entrepreneur. Activist. Woman. Drugdealer." Ok! Let me just warn you..if you are a little, shall we say reserved, don't visit this site. Watermelon is the name of a woman in Vancouver and this is how she describes herself: "the only nudist, pot-dealing comedienne in the world." She sells marijuana-laced gingersnap cookies! LOL!!

3. Watch your garden grow. Basically, it's a gardeners how-to site for growing watermelons. Also has a recipe for a Watermelon it would be tasty with some vodka! Or Scope, as the case may be.

4. Well, what Word Google would be complete without a Wikipedia reference? The watermelon in all it's glory. Ewwwww...did you know that in China, they add the rind to stir-fries? The rind is often used as a vegetable! Pickled rind is common in China and Russia! Maybe I will have to try the stir-fry thing sometime this summer.

5. Chinese Watermelon Sculptures! These are amazing! Major talent! But I would suggest waiting until after the list, as it takes a while to get through them all.

6. An Oregon State watermelon production guide....Boooooooooring!!! There aren't even any pretty pictures - in my most petulant tone!

7. Ok, #7 is called Watermelon is the weirdest shit! It's a computer animation skit about a Japanese(?) woman and watermelons and their seeds. This is too f#$%ed up! What twisted mind did this spring from?

8. Watermelon Fun....alrighty then. Once again, if you're reserved, don't go to this site. It's a UK Erotic Lingerie Online Store! It's actually the racier section of Watermelon Lingerie. Finally hit me why they named it that once I found the parent company - duh!'s for big busted women.

9. The Worlds Healthiest Foods: Watermelon. Next time someone tells you that watermelon has no nutritional value, refer them to this site. It's got lots of great info on our fave fruit! Wow....I would definitely recommend reading this webpage. It will make you think twice about walking by that watermelon at the supermarket.

and the last, but not least....

10. Watermelon Special have to check this site out.... lot more organized than #5. Some of the scultures are true works of art! They're breathtaking!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Dinner & Babies

Sunday has always meant a trip to North Tay. Dinner at Grammy's.

So, you get up, get ready, and get your butt up there before noon. If you wait any later, it may be slim pickins at the table. And it's always a BIG dinner. Potatoes, at least two veggies, some kind of roasted meat(think BIG), and desserts, which can range from Sharon's cheesecake, one of my Grammy's awesome pies, or plain old but delicious Rice Krispy squares. And tea. Of course, there's flippin' tea. Can't have dessert without tea. And one of the biggest family jokes is my grandmother asking me if I would like some tea. Every week my response is one of two: "I don't drink tea, Grammy." or "I still don't drink tea, Grammy."

After dinner, the card deck is hauled out. Sometimes it's canasta, sometimes it's crib. And if it's crib, you better watch out. It's dog-eat-dog, slit someone's throat, ride someone til they're in tears, Wilson crib. We're rather known in those parts for our crib habits. In fact, we're often like that every day. Now you know where I get my attitude and personality. Between games, we all do something. It could be sitting around and talking, mowing the lawn, watching a ball game, tending the garden, watching a movie or making a beer/liquor run. You know all those typical Wilson things.

The last couple of months have been baby city. My cousin Mike has a little boy, Noah. He lives in town, so we see him on Sundays, sometimes. My cousin Diane has a one year old girl, Abby, who is the cutest little thing. The only thing 'cuter' is the way my hard-nose, hard-drinking uncle dotes on his granddaughter - she has him completely wrapped around her finger. My cousin Jenn was home from Fort McMurray last month with her two little boys, the youngest only about 6 months old. And this month, my cousin Amanda is home from Pet with her boyfriend and 6 month old boy, Jacob.

Like I said, baby city. Did I mention that, with the exception of Mike who is one year older, the rest of my child-bearing cousins are almost 5-10 years younger than me? And I didn't realize how obvious I was about babies, until today. We were playing cards, (canasta, not crib) and my aunt Joan told me to pay attention to the cards, there would be plenty of time for me to hold the baby. All I was doing was looking at the baby!

Lauren, whom I babysit, and I visited my sister Friday afternoon. Amanda immediately picked Lauren up and said, I quote: "I want one of these!". This from my sister who is supposed to be the child anti-christ. Did I mention that she and her friend are seriously talking about having a baby? It's looking like I will be an aunt eventually. She's still smoking, so I know she's not pregnant right now.

But just think, another baby for me to spoil!